What Is It Like to Work for a Sex Texting Company?

Adult services are big business on the internet, and a lot of people enjoy making use of platforms where they can actually chat with service providers, especially using mobile technology.

Now that we tend to use things like video chat and text messaging for so much of our normal communications, it is no surprise that this has become something that is used a lot in the adult entertainment market. Services like Arousr that connect users with people who suit their tastes or fantasies to chat and exchange pictures, texts or calls with, have become hugely popular in recent years, and certainly provide something modern users want.

But what is it like to be one of the girls who works in the professional sexting industry?


What Attracts People to Working on Sexting, Web Chat and Phone Sex Platforms?

The kind of work that people do when they are employed by texting and phone sex channels can be appealing to people for a lot of reasons. One of the main things about it is that you can work flexible times to suit you and can also work from home. This makes it a great option for women who are students, have busy lives, or for people who want to work part-time and make some extra money on top of another full-time job.

Convenience, of course, is not the only thing that makes the girls who work on these platforms choose to do it. When some of the women who work at Arousr were interviewed, all of them said that they found what they do fun and sexy, and a lot more interesting than other types of online work.

What Type of People Are Suited to Professional Sexting Jobs?

All kinds of different people take on work for platforms that connect users with girls for sexting and phone sex. This is because users have different preferences in terms of age, ethnicity, and look. Some people would prefer to chat to a blonde, others to a larger woman, and some people like a particular look such as emo or people with tattoos. This means that all kinds of different looks are in demand, but it is always essential that the person working for this kind of service has the right kind of personality to be sociable and put the users at ease. This is another reason why people who actually find the work fun tend to do the best when it comes to making money on platforms for sexting.

Other personality traits that tend to be important include being open minded and non-judgemental. This is because people use services like these so that they are free to talk about things that they may keep secret in their private lives, such as fantasies that they have.

Being fun and outgoing, and easy to talk to are also very important, although some people tend to find that they are like this when they are communicating by text messages or chat, even if they are not particularly outgoing in normal real life. Some of the girls who work in this capacity have said that they are a lot less wild and extroverted and may even have social anxiety when they are out with people in person, but this is no barrier to them being fun people for users to chat with. Just like the users, the girls who work on the services are able to be who they want to be and let go a little when they are working.

What Do People Want to Talk About?

As you might expect, people tend to use these services firstly to talk about all kinds of different fantasies, fetishes, and scenarios that they find arousing. Often, these are things that they don’t get to talk about in their normal lives, although there are also singles who like to just flirt and chat.

However, the girls who work on these sites report that quite often they build up friendships with people who chat to them regularly and spend quite a lot of the time that they are online talking to them chatting about all kinds of non-sexual topics like they would with other friends. Many people simply like the fun, light-hearted banter and talking about topics they find interesting such as their favourite bands and movies with someone else who they find attractive.

How Does Working on These Platforms Affect Their Private Lives?

The sites that these girls work for do everything they can to protect their safety, so they do not have to worry about people behaving badly or finding out their personal real-life contact details. This makes it a safe way to work, as well as a good way to have fun and chat to people without jeopardising either person’s privacy.

How the people around the girls react to their job depends very much on the type of friends and partners they have. Some girls keep it a secret that they do this kind of work, whereas others have friends and partners who fully approve of what they are doing. Whatever their individual situation, the girls from Arousr that were interviewed reported that working on these platforms gave them the flexibility to fit work around their lifestyle, and one girl said that this was the only kind of work that would give her the freedom to also work on her creative artistic projects at the same time. When she is online and available to chat, but nobody is talking to her, she gets a chance to do things like work on her artwork.

While the professional sexting and phone chat industry that has grown up around mobile internet is a relatively new thing, it has created an industry that people from all walks of life are finding positive to work in. Whether it is done as a secondary income, or somebody’s main job, the girls who are currently doing this report that they are happy with the experience and find working with their customers a lot of fun.

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