3 Little-Known Birth Control Side Effects


The benefits of birth control contraception for women are manifold. Not only does it give you a choice over your sexual health, but it can also be a huge role in the fight against conditions like endometriosis. For most women, contraception is just the gift that keeps on giving.



Well, is it even a good idea to talk about the less-than-stellar sides of contraception, given the many benefits? After all, when you’ve been able to transition to control of your reproductive cycle and fewer periods and their associated cramps – aren’t any criticisms of birth control just going to bounce right off of you?


Perhaps… but then again, never discussing the downsides of something (even if the upsides are so very high) isn’t a great way to deal with any aspect of health. While the potential side effects of birth control probably won’t be enough to dissuade you from using it (and nor should they be!), there’s nothing wrong with being fully aware of what happens to your body when you use birth control.


SIDE EFFECT: Hair Changes (Especially Hair Loss)

You might not notice this side effect for awhile as it happens gradually, but one day you might wake up and realize: hey, didn’t I used to have a lot more hair than that? Birth control can cause hair loss for many women who take it and it seems to be a steady side effect across all forms, such as the pill, injection, and implant.


Try giving yourself regular scalp massages to stimulate blood flow and encouraging your hair to grow.

SIDE EFFECT: Bone Density Loss

This is more one for the future than something you’ll be concerned with in the short term, but studies have linked birth control to bone density health conditions such as osteoporosis. The longer you use birth control, the more this may be something you want to take into consideration.


To try and mitigate the future problems you may experience, look to introduce a supplement designed for older women to help control bone density. As you can see from these AlgaeCal reviews, there’s plenty of benefit to these supplements, so if you start taking them early on it could help ease the potential issues from birth control. Of course, discuss this with your doctor as you would with any supplements.

SIDE EFFECTS: Oily Skin / Acne

The irony of acne being a side effect of the pill is that many women try the so-called “mini pill” in an attempt to get rid of acne – so imagine finding they actually make the problem worse! There’s always an element of risk with synthetic hormones.

If you find this is a problem for you, there’s not much you can do except practice a good skincare regime. If the problem becomes persistent, you might want to switch to another form of birth control to see if that improves things. While the hormones themselves are fairly similar, your body may react differently to methods such as the injection, patch, or implant, so it’s worth experimenting to see what works best for you.

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