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Home Security Checklist for a Burglar-Proof Home

Home security sits atop everyone’s priority list. Moving into a new home or securing the existing, burglar and theft-proofing all homes is very important. Keep the unwanted people and intruders at bay with these three easy home security tips. Lock it up Sometimes inbuilt door locks are burglar friendly, particularly in old and pre-owned homes. If you’re moving into a residence that has been used by others before you, change their existing locks. Inspect all your exterior doors including your garage door and your backyard door to make sure the door frames are strong and locks are appropriate. If not, then buy quality door locks. If you’re willing to spend a little to save a lot more, go for smart locks for ultimate door security. Light up your home exterior When leaving your house or otherwise, always light up your home exterior. Incorporating proper lighting in your facade, garden, backyard,…