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Why A Ladies’ Poker Night Shouldn’t Be Weird

The concept of a “poker night” has always been painted as a guys’ night in (or out), and poker remains somewhat male-dominated, with poker star Daniel Negreanu even recently suggesting that the male sex is more willing to enjoy the game. However, the idea of a ladies’ poker night really shouldn’t be considered a weird option for a girls’ night in either. We don’t have to spend each evening together sipping mimosas and venting to each other – so why not add some poker to the rotation of activities we do together? Poker can be combined with other activities While it’s true we don’t have to be sipping mimosas together and venting… we can absolutely do these things while playing poker at the same time. It can be combined with any other get-together, be it cocktails, a dinner party, or even just a simple conversation with girlfriends. Poker night doesn’t…