Four Common Summer Injuries

The summertime brings about warmer days, no school, and ample opportunity to participate in outdoor activities. While these activities, such as playing on the playground, splashing in the pool, or riding a bike, bring great joy and happiness, they also create opportunities for injury. Furthermore, in this article, we will explore some of the most common injuries that individuals suffer in the summer months.

Bicycle Injuries

The first commonly experienced injury during the summer comes from bicycling. While bicycling can be a great form of exercise and transportation, it can also result in serious injury if safety precautions are not taken. Sadly, approximately 1,000 cyclists die annually and approximately 130,000 more cyclists are injured. 

First, all bicycle riders should ensure that their bike fits properly and is in good riding condition. Next, bicycle riders should wear proper footwear (do not ride barefoot or with open-toe shoes) and a helmet. Helmets are especially important as they significantly reduce the risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury. Finally, all bicycle riders must obey traffic laws as it is not only required by law but also crucial in protecting themselves from a fatal collision. 

Swimming Injuries 

With the hot summer sun shining, individuals often find themselves in bodies of water to help cool off, get exercise, and have some fun. Whether you are in a lake, pool, river, or ocean, there are many injuries that can arise. Some of the most common risks include diving into shallow water, slipping and falling on slippery surfaces, and drowning. Drowning is the most significant cause of swimming injuries as it takes the lives of approximately 236,000 people each year, making it the third leading cause of unintentional injury. 

Furthermore, if you are swimming in any body of water this summer, remember to avoid diving or jumping in shallow water, walk when on slippery pool decks, and know your swimming capabilities. If you are a parent or guardian, make sure that your little ones are being watched and accompanied by an adult at all times when in the water. 

Playground Injuries 

Playground injuries are very common among children during the summer months. Common accidents include tripping and falling, roughhousing with other children, and falling from playground equipment. Additionally, if playground equipment is poorly maintained, this can create ample opportunity for injury as well. 

Furthermore, this should not discourage children from playing on the playground, but should instead encourage parents and guardians to supervise their children while on the playground and establish safety rules that their children should follow.

Sports Injuries

Injuries that result from summer sports are also very common. Whether you are participating in a sports-oriented summer camp or are playing a game of beach volleyball at sunset, sports are a breeding ground for injury. Injuries within sports can arise for a number of reasons, including failing to stretch before and after playing, not following sports rules and guidelines, carelessness while playing, and overuse. Additionally, since most sports are inherently dangerous, there is an expected risk of injury while playing. 

To help prevent sports injuries from occurring, individuals can be sure to stretch before playing, exercise caution, follow the rules of the game, and avoid burnout. Furthermore, exercise caution when playing your favorite sport this summer.

What To Do If You Are Injured

In the event that you get injured this summer, there are a couple of steps that you should consider taking. First, if a serious accident or injury occurs, call 911 immediately to receive prompt medical attention. Depending on the circumstances of your accident and the severity of your injuries, you may also want to consult with a San Antonio personal injury attorney to discuss your legal options. 

Stay Safe and Have Fun

As summer is approaching, don’t let this article discourage you from having fun! So long as you implement the aforementioned safety precautions and educate yourself about the hazards that exist, the odds of injury will be greatly decreased. Furthermore, enjoy the summer sun and enjoy your summer activities safely!

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