Top Questions about Birth Control

Birth control is one of the biggest issues many couples have to deal with. Reproductive health is advanced in today’s world, so there are many options one can choose from to help in effective birth control. However, lack of professional assistance has led many into choices that have ended into complications. Before embracing any birth control method, it is necessary to ask the basic questions that can help you understand about what you need. Here are top questions about birth control that will help you to make a better decision.

What are the best methods of birth control?

Every person is unique and your hormones will respond in a different manner to specific medication. There are different birth control methods that you can embrace to safeguard your overall health and for effectiveness.

Some people will work well with pills, while others are good with hormone implants. Before choosing any of these methods, you should consult with a certified medical professional, who will first have to check whether you are eligible for certain methods of birth control. Do not seek opinions from people who have no experience as medical professionals.


How effective are specific birth control methods?

This is a question that is worth the salt if you are considering preventing any unplanned pregnancies. So far, IUDs are the most effective while pills offer 99% effectiveness. Also note that the places you buy the pills matter because several cases of fake contraceptives have been highlighted. It is advisable to seek referrals from your doctor if you have to buy the drugs regularly.

How reversible are some birth control methods?

If you are active sexually and you are not intending to get children any time soon, you will consider getting a solid birth control method that can offer high levels of effectiveness. If you are planning to have children in the near future, you need to choose a contraceptive method that can allow you to get pregnant quicker after it is withdrawn. Seek advice from your doctor and allow for lab sessions to reveal whether you are fit for certain birth control methods.

What is the cost of the birth control method?

Cost varies from one method to another and also depends on an individual. Opting for emergency contraceptives could turn out more expensive than all the other options and could cost upwards of $50 per use. However, with insurance this cost could reduce to around $25.

How convenient is it?

Depending on your work schedule, you may need a birth control method that will allow for easy follow up visits, if there will be any. Choose a method that perfectly suits your lifestyle and one that will not make it difficult for you to proceed with your daily schedule.

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