Why Men are Prone to Hair Loss than Women

Our hair plays a significant role in our life. It provides so many positive traits to us. For instance, it gives a first and lasting impression on a person. Also, it creates a younger look, which increases our confidence towards other people. However, we cannot deny the fact that beauty doesn’t last forever.

As we grow old, our body starts to transform slowly. One of the most noticeable changes we can notice is our hair condition. 

When we reach the adult stage, our hair starts to lose its quality. Most men are prone to hair loss compared to women. So why are men prone to hair loss compared to women?

In this article, we will discuss various causes of hair loss for men. Also, we will carry out some ideas on how to treat hair loss as a pro!

What Causes Hair Loss in Men

When we speak about hair, men’s hair is weaker compared to women. It is the main reason why they are more prone to hair loss. Here are the causes of hair loss in men.

  • Genetics

The leading cause of hair loss for men is through the inherited condition. It is also known as male-pattern baldness. 

Once men produce their hormones, it stops the growth of the hair. Hormones shrink the hair follicles, making it hard for them to grow again.

  • Too Much Medication

Some medications can result in hair loss. It damages the cells which are responsible for hair growth.

  • Radiation

Radiation therapy is a process that kills cancer cells in the body. Once you dissolve the cancer cells, it also affects the cells for hair growth. Thus, it can lead to hair loss.

  • Infections

Man’s scalp is unsafe to various infections such as fungi and bacteria. It can damage the hair roots easily and can lead to hair loss. Once you notice the early symptoms, it’s time to see a hair specialist right away.

Taking Care of your Hair

There are many ways on how to nourish your hair. Use these methods to save your hair from getting bald.

  • Use Shampoo Daily

Hair growth shampoo is a great way to cure the early stages of hair loss. It provides volume and thickness that improves the quality of your hair.

  • Supplements

Some medicine can improve the thickness of your hair. We suggest taking cod liver oil. It helps to improve the dullness of your hair.

  • Eat Healthy Food

Eating the right foods like fruits and veggies will help you to improve your hair status. Avoid eating junk foods because it lessens the quality level of your hair.

  • Hair Transplant

It is the most effective anti-hair fall solution. It provides a permanent solution to hair loss. It is making your hair reborn again.

Take Away

Hair loss is part of our life. There is no reason for you to panic. However, if you have signs of hair loss, it’s time to look for hair experts. At Sure Hair International, we’re going to face your hair loss problem professionally. We will perform using the latest and most advanced features in solving various hair loss cases. We will bring back your happiness and joy in life.

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