10 Positive Ways To Change Your Life For The Better

Not enough hours in the day, never enough hours in the week – everyone wants a little piece of you. Life can get stressful when you’re forever on the go. Here eight positive ways to change your life for the better.

Spend ten minutes in silence every day

Each day, dedicate 10 minutes to yourself. Whether you decide to do this first thing in the morning, or before you go to bed, that’s up to you. All you’ll need is a quiet area; somewhere you will not be disturbed. Spend this time to meditate and relax your mind.  


Exercise twice a week

You don’t have to run a marathon, but exercising can improve how you feel. Whether you want to step up your cardio, or just go for a gentle yoga class, it’ll make you feel better. Try exercising at least twice a week.

Remember to eat breakfast

The most important meal of the day that often gets neglected! Eating a healthy breakfast in the morning sets you up for a positive day. It’ll boost your metabolism and will give you the energy you need to get started.

Surround yourself with positive people

Nothing will bring you down more than surrounding yourself with negative people. Position yourself within an environment where you feel safe and happy. Personality rubs off on one another, so it’s important to bear that in mind when choosing company.

Meeting new people with similar values and goals can be enlightening, too. Look for local meetup groups in your area, to find people you resonate with. If you’re going struggling to find the right environment, you can consider sober living homes.

Make an effort to stay in touch

Another bad habit that needs to get cut loose is not staying in touch with loved ones. Neglecting to get in touch with friends and family can negatively impact on relationships. Put a reminder on your calendar once a week, to devote an hour to catching up with people.

Let go of the past

Let the past be the past, and don’t dwell on things you cannot change. It’s important that we learn from our mistakes, but it is also important to let go. Moving on from things that have happened in the past can relieve us from stress. Also, holding onto negative energy can impact future decisions we make.

Cut down on how much you use technology

Technology can zap time and energy from us. Taking a break from technology is especially important if you work with computers on a daily basis for your job. Put down your electronics and see a friend. Remember, a handwritten letter beats an email every time!

Keep a journal

Put 5 minutes a day before you go to bed, to list down three things you’re grateful for. It doesn’t have to be a long journal entry; just a couple bullet points will do. You can look back in years to come, and see all the beautiful things you appreciated.

What’s your top ways to stay positive?


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