5 Tips for Getting your Summer Body Ready

Every year as summer approaches, people start to panic about the thought of being in a bathing suit. Getting your body summer ready is easier than you think. Avoid trying the latest fad diet, and instead focus on small lifestyle changes to your diet and exercise routine to get your body ready for summer. These changes will keep you looking and feeling great all year long.

Revamp Your Diet

The key to having your best summer body is not some crazy diet but rather an overall lifestyle change. Don’t bother with quick-fix methods a week before you are going to the beach. Make small but significant changes in your food choices that will keep you healthy throughout the year. Cut out added sodium and sugar from your diet to ward off inflammation. Stay away from processed foods, and try to eat a clean diet including a variety of fresh foods. Increase fruits and vegetables, and decrease red meats.

Being healthy is a marathon, not a sprint. Approach changes to your diet and lifestyle knowing that you will have setbacks. If you cave and eat something unhealthy, don’t beat yourself up; just try to do better the next day. Don’t give up altogether, or you will likely splurge. Start with small changes to help revamp your diet instead of relying on the latest fad.

Getting a personal trainer is also an awesome way to ensure you’ll get enough exercise and the right kind of exercise. You can easily find a personal trainer, no matter in the world you are. Living in Singapore? Why not check out the amazing personal trainers in Singapore – remember that accountability is one of the most guaranteed ways to ensure your own success for getting your dream bikini body.


Track Your Calories

Get a good estimate of how many calories you should be consuming daily, and try to stay within that range. Apps such as Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal allow you to scan bar codes or input your foods to keep track of your daily calories. You might be shocked to learn how many calories are in some of the foods and drinks you are consuming.

Don’t forget that quality of calories matters as much as quantity. Just eating the recommended amount of daily calories doesn’t mean that you are getting all the nutrients you need. Focus on healthy fats and nutritionally dense foods to control your appetite and feel good.

Count Your Steps

Although expert opinions vary on just how many steps you should be taking per day, moving more is key to staying healthy. Use a health and fitness tracker to count your steps. You will likely find yourself walking more each day just to beat your previous record. Consider competing with friends, family, or coworkers to get everyone moving more. The friendly competition will give you an incentive to stay active on the days you aren’t feeling like it.

Download the Right Music App

It’s easy to get bored with exercise. If you find yourself quitting early, try downloading the right music to keep your focus and energy up. If you’re a runner, try the app RockMyRun. This app offers DJ created playlists to stream or download on a smartphone with big display, such as the Galaxy Note5. Finding the right beat will help get you through your runs.

If you prefer to hit the gym, consider downloading Spotify or Pandora so that you’ll have a good mix for your workouts. Since music often helps people train longer and keep energy levels up, it’s worth having the right apps and variety installed before you begin your routine.

Drink More Water

It’s especially important to drink enough water during the summer to avoid dehydration and heat exhaustion. Staying hydrated helps you push through those tough workouts on hot days. There are added benefits to drinking plenty of water year-round, though. Hydrated skin is healthy skin, and drinking sufficient water also helps to control hunger and cravings for better weight management.

Don’t make fitness and health harder than they have to be. You can have your summer body without going hungry, depriving yourself of things you love, or working out constantly. Drink more water, and find inspiration to exercise more. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, and monitor your movement to make sure you are staying as active as possible. With these small lifestyle changes, your body will change naturally, and getting that summer body won’t seem so impossible.

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