5 Tips To Save Money When Jewelry Shopping

Everyone wears some sort of jewelry, and that means everyone has had some sort of jewelry shopping experience.

It’s a tricky process to experience, not least when it comes to saving money. With such expensive items, it’s a rather hard feat to pull off!

But pull it off, you can! Despite the plethora of options at your feet, if you focus on the following five tips, your bank balance will not hit rock bottom.

  1. No gemstones = no worries

Any kind of jewelry that contains a stone, from watches to necklaces, will end up costing a lot more.

It’s a basic principle, but it’s one that a lot of people fail to understand. Of course, there are exceptions – like if the stones are fake, for example. Before you buy, look at the same item you want, but without the stones – you could save hundreds.

If you must have stones, then see if the store has a credit option, or take credit card. Most jewelers do, given the expensive nature of their stock.


  1. Choose the right metal
Whether we are talking about platinum or gold or silver. It goes without saying that some metals are more expensive than others. It goes without saying that some metals are more expensive than others.

But some metals are also more expensive than others at different times of the year. For example, the market price of silver is currently skyrocketing – you could go to Money Morning for proof of that. This means that silver will cost you a bit more, whereas usually, it would be on the cheaper end.

Before you buy, check the tag for the karat weight, too. 24k is pure gold, whereas 10k is around 40 percent gold. 10k will still look like gold, so could save you money if you just want the look.

Steer clear of platinum if you want to save cash, too!

  1. Don’t pay for a name

More often than not, expensive jewelry brands like Tiffany’s are just that – a brand. That’s what you’re paying for, as opposed to a higher quality of materials or manufacturing.

Because at the end of the day, gold is gold and silver is silver. There’s very little that jewelry companies can actually do with them to make them differ. Byu sticking to less well-known stores, you get the same products but at a much lower price.

  1. Buy a set!

If you need two of a similar item, then shop around for a jewelry set! If you need a wedding/engagement ring, look for a matching pair. More often than not, this will be much cheaper than buying the two separately.

And, as an added bonus, this set will fit together perfectly. Using the wedding/engagement ring example, the two will slot together to form one larger ring. This is as opposed to wearing two separate ones, which would make them easier to lose.

  1. Get a warranty!

Most jewelry comes with a brief warranty period as standard, but you’ll want to pay for extra. While this won’t save you money initially, the cost of warranty will be far lower than the cost of replacing the jewelry. Hope for the best, plan for the worst!

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