5 Ways To Make Your Room Appear More Spacious

Create the illusion of space without having to knock down any walls. Many people move home without ever revealing the true potential of what they have right in front of them.

It’s amazing what colours, additions and little tricks are capable of doing to our humble abodes. So start working on your room today and implement some great tricks sure to make your room appear larger.



As you may have discovered in the past, the colour you decide to decorate your room has huge impacts. It can suit a certain mood or even make the room seem bigger or smaller. The impression a colour creates is huge and decorating a room in lighter colours creates the illusion of space. It makes a room seem bigger and on top of that tip you can also try to use different shades of the same colour. Painting the ceiling in a light colour also makes the room seem higher than it actually is.


With the knowledge that different shades of the same colour makes a room look bigger it means that getting rugs, wall-art and other accessories could add to that concept. It’s great to purchase decorative additions just be sure not to cram everything in one place and apply them to the room tactically.



One of the oldest tricks in the book, as you have probably noticed before- a mirror makes a room appear far bigger than it is. Our brain takes a split second to comprehend that it is just a mirror when fitted in the ideal position. Use mirror and glass features to a room and make your bedroom seem far larger than it is. Find a number of accessories, sophisticated glass tables and mirrors online with Debenhams vouchers & discount codes.


This is a practical tip with storage literally allowing more space. Using other storage solutions such as drawers or a bed that has a drawer or compartment underneath can save huge amounts of room.


Illuminate your room’s décor with some elegant ornaments and additions, this will provide more to look at and as long as they aren’t crammed it will make the room seem bigger. This works because it gives character to the space and gives it so much more than one focus.

These simple hacks could improve a number of rooms in your home- so why not add space to your bedroom or living room without having to pay for an extension. Be sure to achieve your room’s full potential and utilise these fantastic tips.

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