Alternative options for the British summer

Even though the summer is approaching you know you can never rely on the British weather to act accordingly. So whilst you can have all the grand plans of BBQ’s, drinks outside and playing sports in the garden, we are all well aware that it doesn’t exactly work like that! With that in mind, we will look at some of the best activities that you can play when the poor weather does strike and you are stuck indoors.


Firstly, our technology available today means that we are a lot less bored than we used to be. We have a wide range of apps and games at our fingertips which allows us to find the entertainment we want, whether it be a board game, a sports game or a casino game. With Coral, they have combined our needs by providing old board games online, Monopoly is now available! Instead of sitting on the floor crowding around the board, they allow you to play on your phone, with the click of a few buttons you can be enjoying the classic game. Of course, on top of that they have a wide range of online slots and poker games that will also keep you occupied for hours. That’s not to dismiss the old fashioned board games when it comes to entertaining yourself indoors. Old classics such as snakes and ladders, connect four and guess who will keep the younger children happy for a long time as they look to face off against one another. As they get older the likes of chess and draughts may come into play as they find themselves wanting a bit more of a challenge as they use their brain a bit more.


However, if you are alone and don’t have that annoying sibling or cousin to play against, the old fashioned board games are of no use to you, so it’s back to the technology. Sitting in front of a console may not be the best thing to do every day but with the range of games from action to sports available then you will be entertained. Otherwise, it’s back to your phone, all themes are covered in the millions of apps we have available and you can search for your own way to have fun. Temple Run and Candy Crush have been extremely popular over recent months and for a single player they are easy to download and play. Finally, if you fancy having a laugh without having to look at a screen you can always try Twister, and tangle up into all silly shapes with your parents which I’m sure they won’t be too happy about!

Overall, there are many ways you can keep yourself entertained when the bad weather inevitably arrives. The technology available has increased the options available to us significantly and we are now only ever a few clicks away from playing a game we want. However, it is also worth remembering the classic board games that may rekindle memories of your childhood and can still be a source of laughter and fun even in this technologically advanced world.


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