Christmas Lighting Tips for the Home

It’s getting to that time of year where planning Christmas decorations is just about allowed. From thinking of gorgeous festive colour schemes to buying trinkets and trimming the whole house from top to bottom, there’s so much to think about it’s perfectly acceptable to start planning now. Here’s some tips and tricks for Christmas lighting to get you started on creating a seasonal spectacular:decoration-bokeh-christmas-xmas-6297


If you’re a true traditionalist and love your warm white fairy lights, then there’s no need to stray away from your winning formula. White fairy lights look classic and chic and add a gorgeous festive glow to any room. Wrap strings of fairy lights around the tree to give it a sparking edge and don’t be afraid to put them in other areas of your home too.


One of the key lighting trends of 2016 are neon lights and light up block letters. Use these as inspiration for creating some super fashionable lighting displays this year. Spelling out a festive message in block lights can be a great way to brighten up your home, go for short words like Xmas, Noel, Snow or Santa. Coloured lights always add a fashionable edge to Christmas lighting, with icy blue really standing out as a key look for this year.



If you’re into creating dazzling displays with your Christmas lights, then don’t hold back. With more and more new styles of lights available each year, you can light up many different areas of your home with different styles of lighting. From hanging shapes like stars and trees, to light up garlands which you can drape around the fireplace to sparkling branch lights and candle tree lights.


There’s nothing nicer at Christmas time than decorating the outside of your home too. Don’t be afraid to hang as many lights as you like. With some gorgeous static lights available, like light up reindeers or Christmas trees for the doorstep at Cox and Cox, there are so many ways to light up your home. Positioning your Christmas tree in the window can add to the overall Christmas feel adding more light and sparkle to your home. Be careful of where you decide to hang outside lights to avoid hazards and think about the plug sockets and whether you have access to outdoor sockets.

With all these different ways to add a gorgeous glow to your home, why not start planning your sparkling Christmas festivities now.

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