Enjoy the Glamour of a Ladies’ Day Event at the Races

There are many different ways in which women can enjoy a girlie outing. This could be anything from a fun meal out to a night out on the town hitting the bars and clubs. If you want to enjoy a really unique outing with your girlfriends there is another great option available, which is heading to a Ladies’ Day even at one of the various high profile races that are set to take place in the UK this year.

There are some fantastic racing events coming up in 2016, including the ever-popular Cheltenham Festival, and fabulous Grand National, and the British institution that is Royal Ascot. All of these events hold a Ladies’ Day and this provides women with the chance to get really dressed up, enjoy a few glasses of bubbly, and have a wonderful and memorable day out with the girls.

Thrills, excitement and glamour

When you head to a Ladies’ Day event, you will be able to look forward to thrills, excitement and glamour all rolled into one. These are events that are now as much about fashion as they are about sports, which is what makes them so popular amongst women that want the chance to enjoy a little glamour. You can really go to town with your outfit for Ladies’ Day but you should make sure that you take a number of factors into consideration so that you get to benefit from comfort and practicality as well as glamour.

For instance, while the Cheltenham Festival Ladies’ Day is held in March when the weather is quite cool, Royal Ascot will be in June when the weather tends to be far warmer. Therefore, your outfit choices will vary because you need to take weather conditions into consideration to some degree. However, even if you are heading to Ladies’ Day in the cooler weather, you can still glam up – simply invest in a bolero or smart jacket to slip over your dress, as this can actually add to the glamorous finish while providing you with increased warmth and comfort while you enjoy the races.

In addition to thinking about your outfit, you can also take some time to think about who you will be putting your money on! If you need some tips on which horse to bet on, you can head to sites such as Betway where you will be able to get news, information, and the opportunity to place your bets with ease and convenience. Did you know Betway’s odds are now online? This makes it even easier for you to decide which horse to back in the up and coming races such as Cheltenham.

No matter which of the up and coming races you head to, you can be certain that Ladies’ Day will be a hugely popular event packed with excitement, fun, glamour and thrills. This is the perfect way to enjoy spending time with your friends in a unique setting.

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