Got a Phone But No Pockets? No Problem!

We’ve all been there. We need to keep our phones with us, but there isn’t an easy place to put it. You don’t want to carry a bag around, but without a pocket what can you do? Fortunately, there is a solution. Enter the phone pouch.

What is it for?

Picture this: you want to wear your favorite yoga pants because you’ll be headed to the gym after you finish taking the kids to school. You’re juggling the kids, their bags, their lunches, and your own stuff when you realize there’s no place for your phone.

Here’s another one. You go walking every evening, but you don’t feel safe out there without your phone. Plus, your phone has all your music on it, and how are you supposed to stay motivated without the music? Yet you’ve never really found running pants with good pockets for your phone.

The phone pouch is the perfect answer this conundrum. It offers you a way to keep your phone handy without pockets. No more pocket dials, sitting on your phone, or even losing it from a shallow pocket; and especially no stuffing your phone into your bra or waistband again.


How it works

Anyone can use a phone pouch, but it’s especially helpful for women since our clothes are more likely to lack pockets or have shallow (sometimes useless) pockets than men’s clothing. The phone pouch essentially gives you the pocket you’re lacking.

Half of the phone pouch goes down inside your waistband. This half holds a counterweight that keeps your phone from every slipping the pouch out of place. The other half of the phone pouch lays against your leg.

Best of all, the pouch comes with six pockets: three on the back side and three on the front. One of these is for your phone, of course, but the other pockets are perfect for keys, credit cards, money, ID, or key cards. Anything you want to keep secure can go in the back pockets.

The clothing it works with

The phone pouch works whether you’re wearing pants or a skirt, and the more fitted the waistband or belt you sling it over, the more securely it will stay in place. You might have to adjust it occasionally, but no more often than you would adjust a pair of socks.

If you have loose clothes, the phone pouch might not stay quite as well. In that case, tucking it into the waistband of underwear or stockings could do the trick. Make sure you’ve washed the pouch before you wear it with anything white, just to protect your clothes from any color transfer issues.

Speaking of washing, you can wash the phone pouch in a machine and then throw it right in the dryer. Just remember to remove the counterweight before you do, and never bleach or iron the pouch.

Out on the water

We all want to be able to take our phones to the pool, the beach, and to those custom surfing lessons we arranged. Naturally, you can take the phone pouch hooked into the bottom of a bikini, which will do for hanging out by the water. But you can’t actually take it into the water.

If you absolutely must take your phone out into the water with you, we recommend a completely waterproof case that can hook around your wrist, ankle, or waist. These aren’t the most convenient things for when you have to get at the phone, but they aren’t meant to be.

You wouldn’t want to use one of these pouches as your day-to-day phone case. What they’re meant to do is keep the water out and allow you to take your phone with you when you swim, kayak, surf, or go into the pool. Whatever you need to do, though, having no pockets is not a problem.

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