A Guide To Healing Your Past And Improving Your Future

Healing your past is one of the best ways you can make the most of the present and your future. If you don’t heal your past, you’ll likely go through the same things over and over again, until you’ve learned a valuable lesson. Ignoring your problems or pretending they don’t exist won’t make them go away. So, how can you heal your past and subsequently improve your future? Read on…

Identify Your Issues

It goes without saying that to heal your past, you need to identify your issues. It’s no use thinking that you’ll be a certain way forever or accepting a bad trait as ‘just the way you are’. Know that you have the power to change in any given moment. It’s all down to you. Sure, some things may be harder to change than others. But nothing is impossible. Notice the emotions come up when certain things happen to you. Usually, you’re not annoyed because of the reason you first think. Usually, many issues in your life will boil down to one core issue. If you can work out the root causes of your issues, you can start working on them. This can be painful at first, but it’s always so worth working through. You’ll feel lighter, happier, and more able to handle what life throws at you.



EFT isn’t a new concept, but some people still don’t even know that it exists. The letters are an abbreviation of the emotional freedom technique. Some people might dismiss it as a load of nonsense at first, but it has been proven to work by professionals all over the globe. Science backs it, metaphysics backs it – it really is a miracle cure. To begin with, you can do it along with videos, but you’ll soon get the hang of it and be able to do it wherever you are, without anything to help you. Once you’ve identified an issue, you simply begin to tap along things called the meridian points. You continuously do this, until you’re ready to stop. You make a note of how you feel afterwards. You should feel a lot better. EFT is amazing for both long term and short term problems!

Get Reiki

Reiki is another great healing practice. You can learn to do it on yourself, or you can head to a practitioner. You’ll be surprised at the emotions that come up to be cleared in a session of reiki, and you are never even touched by the practitioner! It just goes to show that we are all energy, which is why focusing on your inner self is so important. You’re putting that energy out into the world.


Meditation is such an underrated practice. Sitting there not doing anything or thinking of anything might sound like a waste of time, but many find that it completely transforms their lives. Just like you need to make time to prepare healthy food and go to the gym, it’s important you make time to meditate. You don’t find the time. People who say they haven’t got the time to meditate usually need it the most!


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