Why you Should Hire a Caterer for your Next Event

If you’re like most people, it’s likely that you’ll be in charge of organising at least one event in the next year. This could be a housewarming, baby shower, engagement party, business lunch (or dinner), birthday party, anniversary, or a simple get together.

While these events are usually fun for those who are attending, often they can be the opposite for the people who are actually organising them. Unfortunately, along with planning an event often comes a lot of stress and worry- particularly when it comes to the food.

While invitations, decorations, and entertainment are important, you’ll often find that food is the number one thing that most people remember from an event. While the decorations will often fade in your guest’s minds, it’s hard to forget an exquisite cake, delicious finger foods, or an amazing main course.


For many people, the thought of hiring a caterer doesn’t even cross their minds. However, choosing a caterer such as Flavours Catering Sydney can actually mean you’ll save money.

If you’re wondering how you could possibly save money by hiring a professional to do the food for your next event, it’s all a matter of adding up how much you would spend on the food, the time you would take to make it, and then how much you would be spending on things like decorations, serving platters, and everything else you need to make sure the food at an event goes off without a hitch.

Since caterers can buy their food in bulk, they get much better prices than the average person. They also have deals with their suppliers, so it’s likely that you would be rather surprised if you compared how much you would pay to feed a crowd to the cost of a professional caterer.

Once you’ve purchased all of the food, you’ll need to cook it. It seems obvious, but many people misjudge exactly how long it would take to prepare food in bulk- especially when it comes to working with allergies and tastes of many different people. At the very least, you’ll need gluten free and vegetarian options, along with at least one type of poultry and fish, red meat, plenty of vegetables and dessert.


And unless you’re a huge fan of cooking and basically run a catering business on the side, the truth is, your food is just unlikely to be as good as a professional caterer. Most people have two or three dishes that they love to cook (and that other people love to eat), but when you’re organising food for an event, every aspect needs to be on point.

Take the time you think you need to get all of the food cooked and presentable, and double it. Professional caterers have a team of staff, so they’re all working together and cooking food that they have also cooked in the past. If you can afford to take a few days off of work to get everything organised, you may be able to handle it, however if you’re short on time and want to wow your guests. You’re best to hire a caterer.

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