How to Perfect the Scandi Look for Your Kitchen

The Scandi look is one of the coziest ways to make your kitchen look inviting. With its sleek clean lines and fresh appeal, it is a simple way to create a whole new feel for your home. If you want to update your kitchen, here are some easy ideas to get this cool new style.

Hang Up Your Pots and Pans

Hanging racks are an essential feature of Scandivanian-style kitchens and are a practical addition to your room. Wall and ceiling racks for your pots, pans and utensils look great and are really convenient too, freeing up lots of cupboard and drawer space.

Wire Storage Racks

Cheap yet infinitely stylish, wire racks are a fantastic way to display your cups, plates and favourite accessories. Decorate with ever-popular mason jars for a retro feel, but be careful not to overdo it, otherwise you risk an appearance that is too cluttered.

Vintage Looks

Distressed wood and vintage-look units are ideal for bringing a splash of colour to the clean white lines of the authentic Scandinavian kitchen. Wood or metal pieces create an interesting appeal and are easy to come by through online auctions or vintage fairs.

Create a Display With Jars

Displaying dried foods like pasta, flour and rice in glass jars on your shelving units gives a lovely farmhouse feel to your space. Intersperse your display with greenery and trailing plants for a eye-catching hint of colour.

White Furnishings

Maintain the clean white look that is synonymous with the Scandinavian kitchen by choosing white furniture, or painting your existing furnishings white. Add hints of red in your cushions, curtains and accessories for a really authentic feel.

Natural Woods

While the Scandinavian look can be rather stark for some, it can easily be softened by adding one or two natural wood touches. Oak is a traditional material that adds warmth to your space when used on worktops or shelves, and gives a welcoming country effect. You can also find wood Eco Bi-fold door designs that would enhance the look of your kitchen.
Wickerwork Accessories

Wicker accessories bring a flavour of the real Scandinavia to your home. Choose wicker baskets to display fruit and vegetables for an inexpensive way to capture that authentic style.

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