Jewel toned hair colors

We all have one thing that we are completely obsessed about. For me it is the endless possibilities of different hair styles. The way you can just transform your whole look with just a bit of color, more than just mesmerizes me.

So, here are a few tips you can use to change your look today. Here’s what you need to do to get beautiful jewel toned hair that can make you look like a princess:pexels-photo-26980

1) Radiant reds on dark hair:

If you have dark colored hair and dark brown eyes, this look will suit you best. You can highlight your hair with a ravishing red which gives you a very vibrant look altogether.

2) Violet color for a platinum blonde:

Platinum blonde is the lightest of hair colors, which is why it best suits colors like violet or blue. But dark haired girls don’t have to feel left behind on this look either as there is no better combination as black and purple. This will give your hair a more glamorous look.


3. Hair extensions :

Looking to add more volume to your hair? Then the best idea would be to get jewel toned hair extensions. They work with all types of hair and you also have the option of removing it whenever you don’t want it.

So, visit a beauty salon near you and ask them what look would suit you best. It’s true that coloring your hair, etc takes a bit of time but you could find interesting things to do online in the meantime while your hair is being dyed. For instance, you can play games online and win prizes. One great site to start with is New Look Bingo as they have plenty of bingo and casino games and have massive jackpots too.

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