Living The Post Student Lifestyle

Being a student is a hard time: you’ve got your studies to keep up with 24/7. You’re working in the spare time you do get to support the food habit us humans have, and you’re still expected to have a full social life to blow off some steam. However, when you’ve finished university, there’s such a huge change in pace, and it’s extremely jarring! And thus you’re going to need to get used to everything life now has to throw at you; you got through being a student, you can get through this as well! Here’s some tips for living that post student lifestyle you were waiting for but also hated the thought of.

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Try Shopping Cheap

As a student you were probably always trying to shop cheap, and was constantly risking your bank account in the supermarkets and on nights out. However, the principle remains the same whilst you get on your feet in the ‘real world.’ You’re going to need all the own brands you can get your hands on, and the new shoes you need are probably going to hail from thrift stores.

However, you can find some quality products in these, as well as in the charity shops. So check some charities for seriously discounted goods, such as at Habitat for Humanity. It’s all quality stuff that can legally be sold, and you’ll get a better price reduction here than in any for profit stores. You’ve probably been in similar situations when it comes to money, so why not do some good whilst you’re restocking your wardrobe?

Get a Roommate

House sharing is something not a lot of us like to do, but when you’ve got someone you’re age in a similar situation in a room just down the hall, you’re never going to feel lonely in your efforts to live a post student life. And remember, it’s usually a lot better than having to go home to live with your parents!

So on your way out of university, look for apartment shares and any roommate openings, as you’re probably going to need one for a good while whilst you’re getting back on your feet. Academia is all you’ve known up to this point, so let your savings account bulk out a bit more before you try finding a place of your own.

Refine Your Job Search

Yes, you’ve got your degree, congratulations! It’s a huge milestone that a lot of people don’t tend to achieve, so be proud of yourself. And take that pride onto the job market. Apply for any and all jobs you think you could be a good fit for to try and maximise your chances, and make sure your CV says exactly what it needs to. A good guide for this can be found here, so don’t let any inexperience get you down.

Living a post student lifestyle is going to be a huge change, but you’re definitely capable of it. Take some time to get prepared for best results!

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