What Makes a Luxurious Holiday So Special?

I’ve travelled many different ways: as a backpacker when I was younger, with family when I was even younger, but now that I’m older I really relish going ‘all out’ when I’m on holiday. I want to come back from my trip feeling relaxed, pampered and ready to get back into the day-to-day routine with a little more spring in my step. What makes a luxurious holiday feel a little more luxurious? Well the team at http://www.bluechipholidays.co.uk/ did some research into this and polled numerous people over the age of 18 as to what is the most important feature for them in a high-end holiday home. The people voted that a hot tub is the number one luxury holiday must have  with a garden or balcony coming in at second.

The study went on to analysis the differences in preferences depending on the age groups and nationality of the respondents. I found the study very interesting and would be useful for both other travellers to see where the competition may line in bookings, and for hotels too that may want to add in extra features to attract more clients. The study made me think about what are my ‘essentials’ for a luxury holiday home and I thought I’d share them with you today!

1) Log Burner or Open Fire

Where I live is warm, so I can never light a fire and get cozy nearby with a book. I would love to have this feature in a luxury holiday home, more so than a TV or fancy entertainment system. When I go away with a partner or friends, I really want to unwind and reconnect with them, so having something like a log burner is the perfect setting for a game of cards or getting lost in a good book.

2) A Garden or a View

I love nature, and living in a big city means that when I can escape, I want to surround myself with nature’s beauty. A small, private garden would be really nice or even a balcony with a view to a forrest or rolling plains. There’s nothing quite like having your morning coffee on a deck with a beautiful, expansive view.

3) Personal Chef

I’ve never stayed anywhere with a personal chef, but I feel like I could definitely handle that. Loving prepared meals made especially for you? Sign me up! It would be the ultimate indulgence because you could leave the luxury holiday home as little (or as often) as you wanted. Everything you would need would be there, including restaurant quality meals.

What are your favorite luxury requirements when staying in a luxury holiday home? I’d love to read them.

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