New Music: Max Foxx & Nicky Renard’s New Single

Even from a young age, I’ve always loved music. As a child I remember cycling around my neighbourhood with a small boom box placed over my bicycle’s handlebars, so I could blast the Lion King’s sound track while I cruised around. As a teen, I would turn the volume up loud on my car’s speakers and listen to all my favourite tunes. These days I feel absolutely spoiled that my smart phone can connect to Spotify and essentially let me have access to a lifetime’s music. Ever since I can remember, discovering new music has been a genuine passion of mine.

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I was excited to see that Maxx and Nicky, an extremely talented duo, had paired up to release a new single, Grovy Lane ft Caleb Johnson. After listening to it, I felt it was worth sharing this great single with you in case you hadn’t already heard it. You can listen on either Spotify or iTunes, both linked through their site Their album is currently being recorded in Nashville and I’m excited to see what else will be on there.
I thought this could be a good opportunity to introduce a little more about Max Foxx and Nicky Renard, if you’re not already familiar with them. Max is originally from Sweden, but now lives in the US. After spending time in a few different places around the states, Max and Nicky decided to make Los Angeles their permanent base, which isn’t surprising considering it’s one of The States’ best hubs for artists.

Max and Nicky create the kind of music they’d like to buy and have found themselves creating a style that seems to be almost a new genre of its own, something best described as “heavy soft-rock”. Their new single, Grovy Lane, feels comforting and familiar in some way, while still being fresh and high energy. It’s the type of song that can easily uplift you if you’re feeling a little flat, or it will soothe you if it’s been a stressful day. I love the sound of the acoustic 12-string guitars, paired perfectly with a deep bass. 

If you’re anything like me and always on the look out for a good tune, check this one out and keep your eyes peeled for the album release coming soon. To stay in the loop, follow Maxx and Nicky on Facebook

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