Planning A Hen Weekend? Keep Calm And Follow These Tips

you are over the moon. But immediately you then think about the responsibility. Much like men automatically think about a stag party; the girls think about their hen. It’s natural. It’s the reason to get out and celebrate the impending marriage. Sending your best girlfriend off to the world of married life in style. But it’s down to you to organise. Don’t threat. Stay calm and follow these tips to plan the ultimate Hen party your bride will be proud of.

Guest list

Much like the wedding has a guest list so does the hen party. You need to make sure that all your bridges best girl pals are invited. You need to make sure that everyone she would want to be there is there. This includes mothers of both bride and groom and any other female family members that would need to be included. They may choose not to come but the thought has been there to include them on an invite.

Decide on where you are going

Once you have your guest list and numbers now’s the time to decide where you are going. Are you going to stay in the same country? Or fly somewhere different? Cost is going to have a big factor in this so make sure you have an idea of what everyone’s budget is. There is no point thinking of an exotic location if everyone can’t afford to pay the 5-star prices. Be realistic. Everyone has their lives and commitments. Some may have families and young children to think about.

How are you going to get there

Once you have a few ideas in place, you can look into transportation. It all depends on where you are going so air travel may be an option. Alternatively, you could charter a bus from You may even want to consider telling the hen party the location and allowing them to make their own way there at a time to suit them. Some may not want to travel until a Friday evening when they have finished work. Whereas others may want to book the time off to make the most of it. Be flexible.

Keep it social

Using social media can be a great way to keep everyone in the loop for the plans and costings. Setting up something like a private Facebook group could be an option. This way you can get your messages out and keep everyone informed. Another thing you could do is to create your own hashtag for the party. This way anyone taking and posting pictures on social medias like Twitter and Instagram can add the hashtag to the comments. Allowing everyone to keep up to date and have access to the pictures.

Have an Itinerary

Weekends go by so quickly so it’s ideal to have an itinerary or schedule of things to do. This could be kept a surprise or discussed in advance. This way you maximise the weekend and everyone will get enjoyment out of it without any dull moments.

Have fun

Lastly, have some fun. This weekend is all about celebrating an upcoming wedding so enjoy yourself.


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