Why You Shouldn’t Try To Emulate YouTubers Like Zoella

Zoella the popular beauty YouTuber has amassed over 11 million subscribers.  She is a beauty and make-up powerhouse with a best selling book which outsold JK Rowling– as well as hundreds of creative and inspiring beauty videos on her YouTube channel.

So do you want to be a beauty blogger just like Zoella?

If you feel this is the path for you, it’s important to ask a fundamental question first – why?

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Do you want to inspire thousands, with the looks and trends you’ve created.   Do you want a creative outlet for the ideas you have buzzing around inside? Or, are you chasing fame and fortune?

It’s important to be honest with yourself here.  Thousands of beauty bloggers and youtubers set up every year and are inspired by bloggers like Zoella.  But how many of them actually make it to any level of success? Very few!

Do you know the fundamental reason WHY some bloggers fail and some succeed?

The number one reason is- inspired and original creativity.

Firstly, you can’t expect to set up a channel and just emulate a popular blogger like Zoella. Why would anyone watch you over her?


The only reason that popular bloggers amass a huge following is that they have something unique which provides value and entertains.  Zoella didn’t always have millions of subscribers.  She started her YouTube channel in 2009 with ZERO subscribers. She worked hard over 7 years by creating hundreds of videos & pouring her creativity into every one to get to where she is now.

If you are starting your career as a beauty blogger and YouTuber, and you think that you can just emulate stars like Zoella, then I’m sorry to say – you’re not going to make it.

So, where to start?

The place to start isn’t by looking at other stars. It’s by looking at yourself.  You need to find your own unique voice.  And that unique voice is going to take time to develop – don’t expect it to be fully formed straight away.

Have fun, create and experiment.  Follow what makes you happy and explore the Social Media channels which inspire you.  Whether it’s creating beauty how-to videos for Instagram or starting a beauty group board on Pinterest.

Work on finding your voice, getting visible and forging your own path.  That is how you create real success.  At the end of the day, you are starting where Zoella did not so many years ago and you’ve got a long journey ahead so make it your own and have fun!

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