Sweet Treats And Gifts For Candy Lovers

Got a sweet-toothed friend, family member or colleague to buy for? Here are a number of treats and gift idea that these candy lovers will adore!

Flavored Lipgloss

Buying for a girl who loves candy and makeup? Then how about a flavored lipgloss? This allows you to combine two of her greatest loves! Classic flavors are always a good bet, like strawberry and raspberry. But if you branch out into lip balms, you can get some really cool ‘natural’ flavors, like mint, hemp or mango!

Retro sweet hamper

If your recipient loves candy, how about getting them a bunch of their favorite candy from their childhood. Often the candy we enjoyed decades ago isn’t as readily available. However, retro candy stores do exist, both as stores and as online stores. Pay a visit and a pick a variety. Go for a variety of flavored, and some different shapes and sizes and colors. Next, pick up a hamper and some shredded paper. Pop all of their new candy in the hamper, and then wrap it up with clear cellophane and a big bow. Gorgeous!


Candy floss machine

A candy lover’s kitchen is simply not complete without a candy floss machine. Thanks to the simplicity of the ingredients, candy floss is very easy to make- as long as you have the right equipment! Different dyes dictate what color you get; how about something a little different from the usual pink or blue. How about red, or yellow, or even green?!

E juice

When it comes to picking e juice flavors, the world is your oyster. There are loads out there, and the candy themed one are some of the best! If your gift recipient uses e cigarettes, this is a great gift to buy them that they’ll actually get use out of. You could go for a classic, like strawberry, but how about something a bit more exotic? How about Maraschino Cherry; you can even get milk chocolate.


Gumball machine

Let’s say you are buying for your other half. He works in an office and gets bored easily. Help him out with a pick-me-up in the form of a miniature gumball machine! These are refillable with whatever he fancies, whether it’s gumballs or something else. Just be sure to make sure it fits through the slot! There is a pretty good chance it will make him even more popular with his colleagues.

Or, if you fancy a bit of the action, get one for the house. Why should sweet shops get all of the fun? You can also get medium sized ones, that fit on kitchen counters or shelves. Or, really splash out and get a big, standalone one!

Candy Grabber

Slightly more hard work than gumball machines, candy grabbers are great fun. Like gumball machines, you can get a sweet treat at the end of your hard work, and they come in a variety of sizes. The good thing about candy grabbers is that you have a wider variety of what you can put inside the machine.

If you love candy so much, you could try some great free slot games that are candy themed.

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