The Return of the Skirt

After many years of being out of favor, it appears that the skirt is back. Finally, it is once again the height of fashion to wear them again. This year, retailers like are once again stocking a big range of these highly feminine garments. Naturally, jeans and trousers are still widely available, but, skirts and dresses would appear to be where the emphasis is going to be for the 2018 spring and summer seasons.

Back to the 80s and 90s

For 2018, a lot of fashion retailers have looked to the 80s and 90s for inspiration. During those decades, far more women wore skirts and dresses. In fact, in the 80s a lot of workplaces had dress codes that prevented women from wearing trousers to work.

The net result of this requirement was that, during the week, a significant percentage of the female population had no choice but to wear skirts and dresses. Therefore, fashion retailers had to cater for that need. So, it is understandable that today´s designers, who have turned to those decades for inspiration, would gravitate towards adding more skirts and dresses to their collections.


Time for a change

It is natural for each generation to want to look a bit different. Young women who have grown up with older female relatives who mostly wore jeans, leggings or trousers are understandably drawn to the idea of wearing skirts or dresses instead. It is part of the natural fashion cycle.

Modern skirt trends

For 2018, there is a huge choice of skirts available. Some designs are ideal for the office, while others are primarily designed to be worn casually.

Maxi skirt

The maxi skirt has actually been in vogue for a few years now. They are extremely versatile garments. When worn with a nice top and jacket they can look quite formal. Yet, that same skirt could just as easily be paired with a t-shirt and worn to the beach.

Today´s consumers like versatility, so it is not really surprising to see that many retailers have decided to stick with this iconic skirt. There are all kinds of maxi skirts available in most stores.

Chino and denim skirts

For the weekends, chino or denim skirts are a good choice. They hold their shape well and look good whether you wear them with pretty light and floaty tops or short-sleeved shirts. You can pair them with sandals, pumps or low-heeled slingbacks. They are a great alternative to wearing shorts.

Pencil skirts

Another big trend for 2018 is the pencil skirt. There are lots of different styles available. The high-waisted versions that hark back to the 50s are especially flattering. They are great at smoothing out any bulges. Provided you choose one that is made from slightly flexible material your skirt will move with you. So, that it stays in place, keeps its shape well and is comfortable to wear. However, to get the best results it is important to take the time to choose the right one for you. This short guide explains how to choose a cut and length that will work for your body shape.

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