Top Beauty Essentials When Traveling

Traveling can be rough on your looks- while we would like to think we all wake up looking like those pretty travellers on Instagram, most of us are dealing with breakouts, dry skin, stress, bags from poor sleep, and more.

Here are some of my top beauty essentials when traveling:

Makeup Remover

This one seems obvious, but so many girls don’t bother to remove their makeup when flying or on an overnight bus or train, and then wonder why they’re constantly breaking out. Sorry ladies, but you need to take that makeup off. It’s fine to want to look cute in an airport and once you land, but for overnight flights you should take along your sweats, toothbrush, makeup removing wipes, and one of the excellent Timeless HA serums to keep your skin moist and protect it from the drying air in the plane.


Skin Care

This is a big one, as it can be easy to let skincare slip when you’re crossing numerous timezones. Timeless HA skincare is a great option if you’re looking for natural skincare that will actually work, and you’ll also need to remember to use a good SPF- particularly if you’re walking around outside a lot with the sun on your face.


A good face scrub is crucial, as it will clean out your pores and ensure you get all of the makeup, dust, dirt and pollution off your face. Another option is a Clarisonic, which has removable brush heads and even comes with a travel case so you can stay fresh and clean on the go. Choose a cleanser that’s mild and non-drying so you can use it each day (especially before bed) and you’ll keep your skin clear and pores unclogged.


The beauty blender is the latest craze to hit the beauty world, and there’s a good reason. This magic little sponge gives you amazing results with your foundation, and allows you to blend, blend, blend until your coverage looks natural.

You’ll find these blenders at Sephora, and you should get at least three months out of each sponge, depending on how often you use it.



Palettes are easy to pack, portable, and have many different uses- eye shadows and bronzers can be used for numerous purposes, and for girls who like to contour, a good palette can incorporate all the colours you need (for both contouring and highlighting). Check out the Shade and Light palette by Kat Von D, or the incredibly popular Anastasia palette. For eyeshadow, the Naked palettes by Urban Decay come in numerous shades and will give you a range of looks for every occasion.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a top beauty essential for a number of reasons. It can be used as a hair mask to prevent and treat split ends, it’s great as a moisturiser for bumpy skin, and it’s also an excellent makeup remover.

For a great range of products that are excellent for travel, check out Timeless HA skin care.


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