Unravelling The Adulting Myth

If you’re anything like most twenty-somethings, you’re probably wondering when adulthood will kick in. After all, you’re on the verge of having to make some pretty serious decisions. An adult mind would be useful right about now.

Sorry to burst your bubble but, for the most part, adulthood is a myth. The idea that our minds adapt to deal with these situations is a misconception. If you’re waiting for adulthood to happen to you, stop. It isn’t going to.

But, that doesn’t mean that you can never adapt to deal with more adult situations. The ‘adult’ state you’d been after may not happen anytime soon. But, by making those decisions which scare you, you can at least invite a more adult head onto your shoulders.

For proof, we’re going to look at some of the adult situations you might face, and how each can take you one step closer to the maturity you’ve started to envy in your parents.

Going to uni


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For most of us, maturity starts when we reach uni. For the most part, this is because it has to. For many, it’s the first time we move away from home. And, we have to take responsibility for our studies. This is also the time in which most of us first become aware of financial pressures. Some of us even have to get part-time jobs to get by, which takes us far in the maturity stakes.

Ask most people about the formative moments in their lives, and 99.9% of them will feature heartbreak. When it comes to emotional distress, it doesn’t get much worse. But, out of distress, comes a stronger version of you. Eventually, anyway. For now, head to sites like http://www.anewmode.com to help you deal.

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Getting a job
Finding a job will take you a long way, too. As well as furthering your financial understanding, most careers place you in challenging situations. You’ll have to stretch yourself on a regular basis. And, what are adults, but kids who have to deal with tricky problems?

Moving out
Sure, you moved out for uni. But, you still had the protection of university accommodation. When you move out of home for real, you’ll have to deal with things like estate agents, and moving companies like those found at https://www.mybekins.com/locations/beverly-hills-ca-movers/. Plus, bills will fall on you. You’ll need to make sure you pay them each month. It doesn’t get much more adult than that. Without even realizing it, you’ll be managing a home just as well as your parents. You could even have them round for dinner parties…

And again

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Few of us live alone for long. One day, romance will come calling. When it does, you and your man may move in together. This is the final step in your adult transition. At least until the patter of tiny feet. Finally, you’ll have a family, and will be every part the adult. At least, you will to the outside world, and that’s really all being an adult is.


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