Valentine’s Day for Single Ladies

Singles Awareness Day is a term used for those who are flying solo during Valentine’s Day. It is normal and okay to feel a tinge of sadness seeing your sister receiving flowers, and chocolate or passing on a town full of lovers celebrating their love. You are human with different emotions and feelings.

Instead of sobbing and wasting your time stalking your friends and sisters itineraries on that date, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to have the best me time. The good news is, you all have your time and need not look for the internet stuff like perfect Valentine’s gifts for couples, and what to wear on that day. Still, if you are figuring out how to spend February 14 in the most meaningful way, here are activities that are fun and healthy and great to do again until you change your status.

Celebrate Friendships

Call your circle of friends who are also single and looking for fun on that day. There is a small chance of feeling alone when surround yourself with the best people you know. Round them up and arrange a happy hour like movie date, group dinner, and sleepover.


Pour your love to those who are in need by helping others who are in need. You can volunteer at a hospital, local library or animal shelter. It is your simple way to give back and show your love to your community.

Give To the People You Love and Adore

Why not? You can show your love to those who loved you and continuously love you no matter what. Valentine’s Day is not only for lovers. Maximize your time to give to your family, friends, and co-workers with a simple flower arrangement and attach a simple “Thank You” message. If you want to go beyond that, try getting them sustainable women’s shoes or even 925 sterling silver jewelry. Besides, if you have been away with your family, it’s the perfect time to go home and celebrate with them.


If you are still lingering into past relationships such as former lovers or anything that keeps on bothering you. Sign-up for a meditation class, you can also download an app suited for your gadget.

Me Time-All Out

If your friends are all taken, your sisters are on a date, and parents are away for vacation. Well, you can still spend the day pampering yourself; go to a salon or spa, have your hair and nails done. Or if you are fancying for a new bag or shoes go on and buy it. Create your own happiness, and there is nothing wrong with treating yourself.

Be Cozy and Lazy at Home

Do not force yourself to go out even if you are not in the mood to do it just for the sake of joining the bandwagon. If you would be happy staying at home literally doing nothing, then so be it. 

Deactivate and Reconnect

For sure there will be some bully friends tagging and sending you photos just for fun, it will flood on Social media some of cheesy and romantic greetings coming from their partners. So take the time to deactivate and have a break from online apps.

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