Why Ladies Day is the Best Day to be a Lady

Whether you identify as a lady or not (personally, I think the term is more than a little old-fashioned), it’s no secret that women are currently getting the best of both worlds- we’re making the money, bringing home the bacon, raising families, and enjoying healthy, fulfilling relationships with other women.

In fact, at no other time in history has it been better to be a woman, and we think that’s something celebrating for. And for the girlie girls out there (and I include myself among them), Ladies Day at the Cheltenham Festival 2016 is the best excuse to dress up, buy a big hat, drink champagne, and enjoy being a lady (whatever that means to you).

For those who love fashion, Ladies Day gives you an excellent opportunity to analyse the many hits and misses, and even push the boundaries yourself. The best idea is to invite a group of your closest girlfriends over to get ready together (don’t forget to pop the champagne), before getting in early enough to scope out the location, make friends with the other girls and place your bets.

The hats are never small at Ladies Day, so if you’ve ever fancied wearing a huge, ostentatious piece of head-art, now is definitely your chance. For those who don’t want to risk showing up in the same dress as someone else, it’s a good idea to buy your outfit in advance, and abroad if possible. Remember that you can branch out from the usual Little Black Dress, and try bright colours, a long gown, fishnets, crazy patterns, or a mix of all of the above.

Finally, shoes. Drinking and walking around outdoors can be a tough combination, since no one wants to roll an ankle or get their heel stuck in the grass. The trick is to choose some gorgeous shoes (unfortunately style takes precedence over comfort) but make sure they’re well broken in before the day.

Wear them around the house and to the mall a few times, noticing any spots where they rub. Another tip is to stuff them and put them in the freezer if you need to stretch them out a bit, or grab some of those comfy gel pads for your toes and heel if they’re a little big (or just to give you a bit of padding).

On the day, be sure to pack some band aids in your purse, and don’t judge yourself too harshly if you find yourself barefoot and carrying your shoes- you’re unlikely to be the only one.

While the races are great for fashion, let’s not forget why we’re there- to bet on a horse and maybe even get lucky. Whether you know the horses well or you just like to bet on the funny names, betting is definitely half the fun. If you can’t make it to Ladies Day this year (there’s always next year!), or be sure to bet online at http://sports.williamhill.com/bet/en-gb/events/cheltenham-ladies-day. Good luck!

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