Winter Foundation Routine


When that cold weather hits, we’ve got to have our winter faces ready! As a result of harsh winds and dry air, our skin becomes dry and flaky and cracking can occur around our noses due to higher rates of flus and colds. Here’s some tips to making sure your face is a smooth as a baby’s bottom this winter, so that your foundation and makeup application is absolutely flawless.

Revise your skin care routine.
During winter, our skin tends to react adversely to harsh environmental aggressors. To keep your skin silky smooth for ultimate makeup application, you’ll need to step up your regular skin care routine. The best way to do this is by adding a little extra hydration wherever you can. Moisturising as much as possible helps to maintain the outer layer of skin which acts as a protective barrier to pollutants and free radicals that can damage your skin and cause unnecessary breakouts. Regular moisturising is essential but so is regular exfoliation. Make sure you are gently buffing away those dead skin cells 1-3 times a week with a chemical exfoliator. This will create the perfectly clean and smooth base free from flaking skin, that you need for seamless makeup application.

Priming products to make you shine.
Primer is relatively new to the mainstream makeup scene, but we promise it’s going to be your best friend this winter. Applying a primer to your face before applying your base, creates an extra layer between your skin and your makeup. This extra layer not only protects your skin, but also acts as a canvas, which will stop your makeup from grabbing to the drier skin on your face, leaving you with a more even complexion. There are many different types of primer for your face, eyes and lips, and they all contribute to a more even and flawless makeup application. Primers also have the added benefit of addressing skin concerns, such as colour correction, dry or dull skin, minimising pores or oil control. And of course, the greatest benefit of a primer is that it prolongs the wear of your makeup – perfect for those windy winter days.

Choosing the right foundation for winter.
Winter means dry skin, so make sure that your foundation accommodates for a change in moisture. Particularly for those who have drier skin types, it is so important to find a foundation that won’t cling to flakey patches, like a non-greasy blend of plant-based oils, or an ultra hydrating CC cream. Those with oilier skin types needn’t be so scared of moisture this winter, with awesome mattifying foundations available to curb additional oil whilst keeping the skin feeling hydrated and healthy.

New season’s inspire new style.
Every winter, you buy new clothes to match the latest season’s styles, so why not liven up your makeup game too? Unlike the hot summer seasons, you don’t need to worry about sweating off your look so go crazy with a highly-pigmented lip gloss or cleopatra winged eyeliner. If you think your personal makeup style is too iconic to change, switch out your summer fragrance for a spicier or woodier scent.


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