Worldwide Wisdom – 4 Ways to Present Your Brand to an International Audience


For most business owners, true success comes with scale and scope.

It involves reaching an audience beyond the one which initially helped you to grow. This is why so many entrepreneurs spend time networking overseas. While you don’t have to ‘go international’ to become a profitable enterprise, it is an opportunity to do more than just make money.

With a global brand, you can build a commercial legacy.

You can invest in projects which go beyond market survival and start to create positive change in the world. This, more than anything else, is what will ensure your company endures in the long term. It is no easy feat, but it could just be the best decision of your business career.

Keep reading for advice on the best ways to take your brand to an international audience.

Be There on the Ground

This is often the trickiest part of an international expansion, but it tends to separate the average companies from the extraordinary ones. Visit Latitude Finance for travel loans if you’ve got your sights set on brand new markets. 

They can help you figure out the best way to be present, on the ground.

It is really important because every investor in the world prefers to negotiate face to face. If you make an effort to speak with business leaders in person, even overseas, you’ll instantly earn their respect.

Do Settle, Don’t Commit

In the past, the only option entrepreneurs really had was to take a leap and set up shop in markets they hoped would prove fruitful. Fortunately, the rise of virtual workspaces has changed the nature of global networking.

These days, you can visit a new country and continue to run your business from shared offices. These innovative services are highly-affordable and very flexible. There are no ‘lock-in’ contracts, so it’s just a matter of asking to leave if things don’t go to plan.

Get Familiar with the Customs

Breaking into a new market is like visiting a new country for the first time, only with much higher stakes. As a visitor, it is your responsibility to fit in with the local customs and etiquette, rather than expecting it to adapt to your own business culture.

For example, something as simple and innocuous as pointing is considered very offensive in China, Japan, Indonesia, and much of Latin America. Similarly, the number four is very unlucky for Mandarin cultures. The important thing is to do your research before launching.

Try to Offer Authenticity

One of the biggest challenges for foreign business owners is convincing new markets that they are trustworthy. This makes perfect sense. After all, even if you’ve been operating for ten years or more at home, you’re still a new entity when you launch overseas.

Expect a degree of caution and even suspicion from consumers, who need to be coaxed away from familiar, reliable brands. It can help to look at the marketing techniques of competitors and, at least, to begin with, emulate certain aspects so that you feel like a part of the culture.

Why Good Communication Is Key to Global Success

So much of finding success overseas comes down to a willingness to integrate.

The faster you can make local contacts, get comfortable with local routines, and start living like the natives, the sooner they will trust your presence.

While this doesn’t mean that you have to give up the traits which make your brand special, you should be enthusiastic about combining them with the local culture. There is nothing consumers love more than businesses which share the same passions that they do.

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