Worth Switching to Fibre Optic This Year?

The New Year is here with us and with it should come with some few upgrades here and there, especially with your internet connection. However, the big question is, is it worth it choosing to go the fibre optic way over any other traditional copper cables for your network setup. To decipher this big question, we will take a look at some six reasons why choosing to upgrade to fibre broadband would be among the best choices for you to make this year. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider choosing fibre broadband this year.

1. Lower attenuation and latency

Latency here means the delay in data transfer. The broadband internet connectivity will ensure that you don’t experience a few moments of delay between data transfer because the latency is significantly lowered compared to other broadband options. This is mostly attributed to the clearer transmissions and faster speeds. If you are a serious gamer or a binge watcher, this is definitely a worthy option.

2. Faster speeds

This is definitely one of the most important reasons why people choose fibre connection is the bandwidth capabilities. The connection has the ability to reach speeds of up to 1000Mbps through harnessing the speed of light via glass tubes designed to be as thin as human hair. Even the minimum speed will have you enjoying surfing through your favourite websites without annoying lags, despite the number of connected devices on the network. A quick google search of “fiber optic internet near me” will find you the best providers in your area. Then, in the future, the speeds and service you receive will likely have you paying to extend your contract length!

3. Symmetrical speeds

The upload and download speeds are symmetrical regardless of your monthly usage. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about your monthly usage while streaming your favourite shows or logging into some online gaming campaigns since these upload and download speeds are symmetrical.

4. No throttling

Many traditional broadband options involve data caps, which are essentially a version of throttling. This is where you internet provider monitors your data usage up to a particular point where the caps are set regardless of your contract length. With fibre broadband, you don’t have to worry about throttling or data caps because you can enjoy browsing the internet at your heart’s delight at the same faster speeds than ever before.

5. Better reliability

Fibre optic cables are designed to withstand any changes in the atmosphere including severe moisture and weather or temperatures, which would have otherwise hampered the connectivity in traditional broadband cables. Furthermore, it does not carry any form of electric current thus there would be no form of electromagnetic interference that would cause a breach in the data transmission giving you the reliability you deserve while enjoying the internet.

6. A lot more flexibility for the future

The fact that this option gives you the ability to use media converters to give you the chance to incorporate the fibre connection into any of your existing networks. These kinds of media converters can extend UTP Ethernet connections through the fibre cable. This can help you achieve more flexibility and speeds for any of your future needs.

These among plenty other reasons are what make the choice of switching over a worthwhile decision for you to make this year. You don’t have to think about minimum speed anymore. There are a lot of benefits to enjoying other than just faster speeds. Be sure to check out the comparison site Broadband Choices who make it really easy to find the best deals on the market.

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