3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Credit Score

In today’s day and age, having a good credit score is essential for a good financial future. Your credit score is the main decider for a number of things, for example whether or not you are able to borrow money from the bank or a credit provider or obtain items on hire purchase. Your credit score is also taken into account when you apply for a mortgage to buy a house, for example, and also in a whole other range of financial situations such as switching broadband providers or getting a new smartphone contract. Since your credit score affects your life in a number of ways, keeping on top of it is vital. We’ve put together some simple yet effective ways to boost your credit score.


Pay Debts Off

Rather than simply paying the minimum amount every month, whenever possible you should look to pay debts off in full. This is useful if you have been paying off a line of credit for a while and do not have much left to pay until it is cleared – paying it all in one go can earn you some points on your credit score. In order to make sure that your credit rating does not drop, it’s vital to ensure that you are keeping up with all debt repayments. In some cases, you may even be able to get a deal where you pay less than the required amount as a goodwill gesture for making a large payment and clearing the debt at once.

Borrow Money

If you are in a situation where your credit score is poor because you do not have any debts, borrowing money can help you to establish a good credit score and make things easier for you in the future. themoneyhub.co.uk offer a range of small to large value loans which can be used to build up and boost your credit rating provided that you pay back what you owe at the agreed time. On the other hand, if your credit rating is suffering due to having borrowed too much, you should only consider borrowing more money once you have paid off the majority.

Pay on Time

Often, keeping on top of your credit score and making sure that it doesn’t end up on a downward spiral is a lot simpler than you might think. Simply making sure that your credit-related bills are all paid on time can go a long way when it comes to giving your credit rating a boost. Setting up direct debits for each of your regular bills for lines of credit is vital. It’s also good to remember that bills for things such as your smartphone, rent, broadband and even utilities can also affect your credit rating when it comes to whether or not you make payments in a timely manner.

Keeping on top of your credit score is absolutely essential for a healthy financial future. However, it’s the little mistakes that can affect your credit score more than you realise, so good common sense and organisation is essential.

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