3 Ways Your Staff Can Influence The Sales Process

Do you want to build a team? It’s a common goal for business owners. After all, it’s unlikely that your business will remain a one-person venture 5 years into the future. As such, it’s best to understand now what your company needs from its team. How can the people you hire create more sales, find quality leads, and help you grow? Even in the online sphere, it’s all about their ability to influence. Here are 3 big ways your employees can make a difference during customer interactions. 

Be Present But Not Pushy

We’ve all been in a situation where a customer sales assistant has immediately jumped on us as soon as we’ve walked into a store. Of course, they’re just doing their job and trying to meet the sales target they’ve been provided, but this behavior can do more harm than good. 

After all, when a customer feels the business is being ‘pushy’, they’re going to walk out or put down the call without a thought.

That’s why your sales assistants should be present and polite more than anything else. Make sure there are helpful, interested staff on the shop floor (or wearing the customer service headset), and your sales might just tick over the monthly target in a couple of days flat! 

Provide Real World Product Applications

If your staff can inform a customer exactly how a product can be used, using real world/life examples, they’re going to have a much clearer idea of how useful your product is going to be to them. This can lead to an increase in sales simply through the use of context and imagination, and all your employee has to do is be honest! 

Of course, the ability to tell a story with inherent charisma doesn’t come naturally to everyone. That’s why you should think about sending members of your sales team off to product training. When they become experts on you, and become familiar with the language necessary to tell a story like that above, these positive interactions are going to become second nature. 

Be Empathetic and Conversational

Empathy carries a lot of value in the sales world. When a customer feels understood by the person aiming to make a sale, they’re going to be ten times more likely to say yes when you mention the price point. It’s why a lot of sales chatter is literally just that: chatter. 

What does this mean for your team? Have more conversations with the customers! Indeed, you want your customers to see your staff as people, as well as knowing that they’re being seen as people in return. This often takes just a few kind words or some shared laughter. The less ‘salesy’ the interaction feels, the better! 

If you want your staff to have a positive influence on your bottom line, take actions like these into account. The better your sales team understands the people they’re selling to, the better your customer acquisition numbers are going to look. 

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