5 Side Hustles for Bloggers

As a blogger, you will likely gain a wealth of skills and knowledge over the years that has helped you improve what you do and how you do it. While blogging can be a therapeutic hobby, it can also be a lucrative side hustle and a great way to earn an income and develop a new career. 

Blogging has been around for nearly 30 years, and in that time, there have been a wealth of jobs that were even possible or heard of back then. This has opened the doors for people to make money like never before and finally find their dream career if a stuffy 9-5 job in an office doesn’t suit them.

But if you are running your own blog, what other transferable skills do you have to help you make money part-time or even full-time?

Video Editing

Most bloggers will have edited a video once or twice in their lives for their blog or social media. While not everyone is adept at editing and filming, some people have carved a niche for themselves thanks to their ability to bring videos to life and create TV-quality content. If the latter sounds like you, then you can find a side hustle that helps the former get better at their videos or improves the content they are putting out there. Tips like knowing how to play Xvid files without codec, how to seamlessly crop and snip video, and the right lighting and filters along with speed and thumbnails will all come in handy to help you present your services to others using your own videos as proof you are capable of doing this for a living. If you possess a knack for creatively enhancing visual narratives, exploring various tools and techniques to efficiently edit videos can significantly elevate your content and attract a wider audience to your blog or social media platform.

Content Writing

As a blogger, you must have a flair for words and create content that engages people and uses their imagination. Not everyone is adept at this, nor is every topic something that is fun to write about. If you excel at the written word, you can forge a career writing for other bloggers, or companies who need blogs on their websites, influencers requiring compelling captions, or marketers needing press releases and emails written to go out to their audience. There is a wealth of possibilities for those who can string a sentence together to make more money and put their skills to good use.

Social Media

Social media is vital for all bloggers and businesses, and again, if you are on the pulse of what is hot and what content is engaging people on the major platforms. This knowledge can be invaluable to others. By creating or scheduling social media posts for bloggers and brands, you can pass on what you know to benefit other people and help them gain traction and visibility on any or all of the social media platforms by creating visually stunning images, fun, engaging, and informative videos and presenting information in an easy to digest way so it is eye-catching.


How well does your blog rank? Do you have a natural instinct for SEO and understand what it takes to get blog posts to the top of the search engine rankings? If so, then you can charge others to learn this too or outsource your services to implement effective SEO on other blogs and websites, or work in outreach to gain backlinks and mentions on different websites.

You can freelance in SEO and offer people comprehensive packages for issues on their website and fix them. Or you can specialize in admin tasks such as adding meta descriptions to posts, alt tags to images, and scouring blogs for broken links. There are many parts to getting SEO right, and even just one aspect can be beneficial to someone without this knowledge or who is too time-poor to carry out these checks themselves.


Again other kill people struggle to get right is the correct use of graphics on a website or blog or creating advising from scratch; if you are more of an image person and can use digital elements to create stunning headers, logos, or more, then offer these services to people who need something they can’t quite muster themselves and generate some cash as you do so. You will likely need to pay for tools and editors, such as Adobe Photoshop, to assist you with this, but the investment will be worth it as people book your services.

Bloggers these days are multitasking individuals who have gained much knowledge relating to the industry. Blogging is a big business, and as such being able to hone your skills and work with your strengths can afford you the chance to change your career to boost your income by sharing these skills with others.

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