The Importance of SEO – An Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation

If you have a blog, business online or even just traditional business that you want more exposure for, you’ll quickly learn that SEO is extremely important. Search Engine Optimisation is using tricks and tools to minimise your reach online, increasing the number of visitors to your blog or website, and ensuring that your page performs well in Google. If you’re new to SEO or wanting to step up your SEO, here’s an introduction of the importance of SEO to get you started.

1. SEO is the Magic Behind the Scenes
If you’ve ever wondered how websites appear in the top 10 results in Google, then the truth is that SEO is probably the reason. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing rank results based on the page info, the number of relevant links pointing to the results and a variety of other factors. If you want to increase the number of visitors your website has, moving up the search results will make a big difference. If you’re completely new to SEO and feeling a little overwhelmed already, then check out they can help you find a customized SEO solution that will work best for your brand and budget.

2. Content is King
A long time ago websites that were trying to rank high on search engines would simply produce a lot of content, without much consideration for the quality. So long as there were keywords stuffed in the body of the text, it was good enough. Now search engines take a variety of factors into consideration when ranking results. From how long someone spends engaging with the content, right through to whether there is duplicate content that has been copied from another source. Spend time on good quality content and the results will quickly show up.

3. Engagement Matters
It matters how much your audience engages with your content – from how long they spend reading a post, to whether they share it on social media. These factors make a big difference in how far your content will go, and how many people will end up on your site. If you have a blog, like I do, a really great way to increase traffic and engagement is through interacting with other bloggers. I think it’s very important to create a sense of community for any website, so by commenting on other websites you can create some helpful links that will lead right to your website, while getting real people excited about your company and your message. Be sure to make helpful, interesting comments in relevant blogs or websites.

If you’re moving your business online or have any online components, you will quickly learn that SEO is the biggest tool in promoting your business, increasing sales and improving profit margins. Use these simple concepts to increase your reach and turn over.

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