How to Save Money on Travel

If you ask the average person why they don’t travel, you’ll probably get an answer along the lines of “It’s too expensive”. When we look at how much we spend on “things” every year, it’s easy to see why most people believe that they can’t afford to travel.

Because many people only get to travel every few years, they plan a huge vacation that often costs thousands. The problem with this, is that staying in 5-star hotels becomes the new way to travel, and people naturally assume that they’ll need some serious money if they want to see the world.

Here’s how to save money on travel:


Travel Longer

It may seem strange, but instead of heading away for a few long weekends throughout the year, or even two one-week vacations, it makes more sense financially to just work hard and then take a longer holiday. Save your time off, and you’ll find that it’s cheaper to fly to a destination and spend longer there- seeing more of the country and usually getting better deals on accommodation, plus you’ll have time to truly relax.

Don’t forget to relax

Together with visiting many destinations, spare some time to give yourself a good rest. Why not spend a day by the pool while reading a book or playing online.

Some of the best books that you can take with you are ‘The Widow’ by Fiona Barton, ‘The Museum of You’ by Carys Bray, ‘The Versions of Us’ by Laura Barnett and ‘Gold Fame Citrus’ by Claire Vaye Watkins.

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Travel Smart

Sure, a week in Paris sounds amazing, but you’ll spend a quarter of the money if you go to Thailand instead. While it’s important that you’re excited about the destination you’re planning to travel to, it’s equally important that you can afford to travel without spending 6 euros on a bottle of water. Take a look at some travel blogs, read up on which destinations are becoming “hot” (without yet getting expensive), and you’ll be able to find that perfect country to explore.

It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for deals. There are plenty of awesome Facebook pages available which will notify you of cheap flights, and you can also sign up to hotel websites and airlines, giving you the down low on the best deals around.

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