The Smart Girl’s Guide To Looking After Your Money

What is that they say? “You can never be too thin, or too rich?”  Well, Kim Kardashian has obviously out pay to that first one, as it all about the curves right now! But what about the second one? Can we ever be too rich? The sad fact is that most of us will never get the chance to find out! For the vast majority of us, money is something that we will always have to keep an eye on and worry about.  So instead of dreaming of winning the lottery or hitting the big time, is important that you deal with your finances in a sensible way now. Keep reading to see how you can.

Make your money go further

One thing that you can do to look after your money is to use clever tricks to make it go further.

For example, there will always be things that we have to buy. There is no getting away from that. If the kettle or toaster breaks, you are going to need to replace it. But you don’t really have to pay full price for items like these. Before you make a purchase always check the prices online. Most places offer next day delivery so unless you are totally desperate, it is worth waiting a day for a better deal.

You can also get things like Snapdeal coupon and offers, which will give you a percentage off the original price. So not only are you getting a lower price, but you are getting money off of that too!


Make budgeting easier

Another great tip for looking after your money is to keep a budget. It is not rocket science, and most people know that they have to balance what is coming in against what is going out, to stay in credit. But the practicalities of keeping to a budget can be a lot more difficult in practice that they first seem.

Something that can make this a lot easier is to use on of the many budget apps on your mobile device. The genius thing about this is that you will nearly always have your mobile with you. So then there are no excuses for not entering in what you have spent right there and then!

Never a borrower or a lender be

If Shakespeare came up with this, then there must be something in it! In fact, there is. We live in a loan culture, but the problem is that it is so often a trap. You are charged interest to borrow money, meaning you pay back way more than the original amount that you have been lent. Which can create a cycle of debt that is hard to get out of.

Lending money to other people, while you are trying to keep your finances in order isn’t always the best idea either. Especially if they make it hard for you to get your money back. It can not only damage your bank balance but the friendship with the person that you have lent it to. So if possible, steer clear of this one altogether.

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