The Top Jobs for Women in the Ukraine

Industry experts and recruiters have analyzed the Ukrainian job market to find out which jobs came out on top for women in 2016.  They did this by analyzing how many jobs were available and how quickly these positions were filled.  The highest monthly wage for women in the Ukraine is currently around $707 per month, with the lowest paid jobs only netting women around $140 a month.  If you are currently based in the Ukraine and want to know which jobs are at the top of recruiters lists, keep reading.


1. IT Specialists

The average salary for IT specialists in the Ukraine is $707 a month, with some women making $800 or more.  The IT industry has grown substantially in the past decade, and as many companies are looking to outsource to cheaper nations, this is a sector that is expected to need continual workers long term.  Those looking to work in IT should look into getting a degree in a related field.  Due to offshoring, a good command of English is also essential.

2. Junior Specialists

In order to become a junior specialist in the Ukraine, you will need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, usually with a specialized area of expertise.  Again, most junior specialists will be required to work online and so a good knowledge of English is usually essential – especially for the highest paying jobs.  Those looking to work in this industry can expect to earn an average of $236 a month.  It isn’t anywhere near as high paid as that of an IT specialist, however there are currently a lot of open vacancies.

3. Medicine and Pharmaceuticals

The average salary for those working in the medical and pharmaceutical fields is $352 a month.  This is a field that attracts a lot of women, and a field that is currently calling out for more staff.  Unfortunately, the pay doesn’t seem to attract as many potential employees as it perhaps could, especially when you consider that you need to have obtained a degree in order to practice.  Those who do want to enter into this field may wish to look into online counseling degrees, or degrees in a similar practice area.

The Future of Jobs in the Ukraine

Unfortunately, the only jobs in the Ukraine that tend to pay more than $300 a month are in the IT field, and this is because most jobs are international.  Even those who choose to work in the medical fields cannot expect to earn a high wage, although many doctors do make tips from patients in the form of ‘shadow payments’.

Those who do wish to earn a high wage would be wise to study for a counseling degree online or similar, improve their English, and consider programming or some other form of online work.  The good news is that companies are willing to employ young graduates, so if you do decide to put yourself through a degree, you should be able to walk into a relevant career upon graduation.

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