4 Rental Nightmares Only Experienced Landlords Will Understand

Landlords have to put up with a lot – everything from managing difficult regulations to troublesome tenants. 

However, these issues are just par for the course. Every landlord worth their salt expects them to happen from time to time. 

Even so, there are some occasions when absolute nightmares occur, and these can make you wonder why you’re in the real estate business at all. 

Here are some problems all experienced landlords face and what to do about them: 

The Tenant Who Refuses To Leave

One big problem you can encounter is the tenant who refuses to leave. Even if they’re still paying you, they just don’t want to vacate the property, even though their tenancy agreement says they must leave. 

It’s these events that make you wonder why you’re in the business. After all, it’s illegal for them to remain. 

The best approach in this situation is to begin the legal process of removing them immediately. You’ll need to prove you own the property and that there aren’t any competing claims. You’ll also have to show contracts to courts. 

While the process takes a long time, there’s no reason to delay. A tenant who refuses to move is also more likely to avoid paying you. Therefore, you need to be doubly earnest. 

The Tenant Who Only Pays You When They Feel Like It

Another nightmare is the tenant who pays you erratically throughout the year. You always get the money you’re owed, just two or three months late. 

Some tenants pay like this when they have unstable income but like the environment you provide. Paying you every so often keeps you keen and prevents eviction, but it also disrupts your cash flow. Money should be coming in every month. 

Again, one option is to evict tenants like these. Keeping them around is only going to cause you problems, especially if the trend lasts long-term. 

Another approach is to hand over payment-taking responsibility to a third-party collections agency. These outfits charge a small fee but provide plenty of peace of mind in return. 

The Pests That Move Into The Property

Pests in the property are another significant issue that can affect many landlords. Removing them is essential for well-being and to maintain the value of the accommodation. 

Using termites pest control is among the most important. That’s because these insects can eat through wood and damage the very structure of your home. 

However, you’ll also want to get rid of wasps because of the risk to tenants, and other creatures that decide to move in. (Of course, if you’re trying to evict a tenant who refuses to leave, allowing pests to thrive in the property can be a good way to get them out!)

The Tenants Who Bring All Their Animals To Stay

Finally, you might be unlucky enough to find yourself with a tenant who brings all their animals to stay chez vous. Having dozens of dogs, cats, and chinchillas in your properties makes them smell and can lead to extensive damage to the fittings and furnishings. 

The easy fix is to ban pets from the start. 

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