3 Reasons Why Businesswomen Should Travel Solo

As a businesswoman, you interact with all kinds of people, tackle difficult tasks and generally fend for yourself, so why not travel solo too? Traveling by yourself as a woman may be something that a lot of people shy away from, but it can be an incredibly empowering adventure that will translate well into your everyday business world. In an article by Time Magazine, Kristin Newman, a TV writer and author of a travel memoir, boasts about her many years traveling alone and says that by allowing yourself to trust your instincts, traveling solo can be “such a powerful thing to give yourself as a woman.” Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at a few more reasons you should embark on a trip alone.

1. It Builds Confidence

You probably already know that when traveling, you never know what situations you’ll get into or obstacles you will have to face. Whether it’s finding a place to stay, a place to eat, or just getting around, being in a new place means you will have to do some extra work for even the simplest things. It forces you to talk to people, do some research and find solutions on your own, which can do wonders for your confidence. Having this confidence as a woman is important in order to navigate your way through everyday life and work — you my find yourself more proactive at work and gain more respect from colleagues due to your ability to interact and move forward.

2. It’s a Great Way to Learn Money Management

A smart traveler should always have a financial plan; you need to know how much money you have to spend, how much you need to come back home with and what expenses you will come across along your trip. Being able to budget yourself and make smart decisions around your finances, is a benefit of traveling that will last a lifetime. Not only will you learn to manage daily expenses to ensure you have enough money to last the whole trip, but you’ll also have to plan to save up enough before your trip. You’ll learn that you don’t have to spend a lot of money prior to going away; you can visit a outdoors retailer to find travel items for a very reasonable price. These skills will help you have a better trip and might even assist in your own finances afterward when it comes to business and your personal life.

3. You’ll Learn A Lot About the World

Navigating in the business world is all about understanding social and economic influences, how people communicate, differing personalities and cultures, and the way the economy influences people. By traveling alone, you’ll get a unique insight into a culture and country that you otherwise may never understand. This insight into the world around you is a great foundation for business as you learn more about important business influences like law, small businesses, urbanization, social interaction and how different cities function.

While traveling solo as a woman may seem a little daunting, there are many benefits to both your personal and corporate life. Take a look at how it can help you develop and book your trip soon.

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