4 Places for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Date in Houston

Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year, so you’ll be able to bring your significant other on a fun date night without worrying about waking up for work on Saturday. Houston restaurants are already taking reservations and advertising deals for the love-filled event.

Houston has a lot of walkable areas where you can walk to dinner and other fun activities.

If you plan on drinking, take an Uber or taxi just to be safe. Once you have your transportation details settled, you can move on to places for the perfect date.

1. Mastro’s Steakhouse or Steak 48

If you and your date like steak, you’re in for a treat. Mastro’s Steakhouse or Steak 48 are the two most popular steak restaurants heading into Valentine’s Day. You’ll find that timeslots are filling up, so you’ll want to book early.

Mastro’s is offering a chocolate butter cake for a delicious dessert option to end your evening.

Steak 48 is more expensive, with an $85 minimum per person. The minimum does include drinks. A full a la carte dinner is offered.

Both of these restaurants have a fancy atmosphere and delicious food.

If you want something aside from steak, a few hotspots for Valentine’s Day are:

  • Tribute – contemporary southern food
  • Le Colonial – Vietnamese food
  • The Annie Café & Bar – southwestern cuisine (flower options available)
  • State of Grace – contemporary southern food
  • Ristorante Cavour at the Hotel Granduca – Italian food ($155 special for two)

A lot of restaurants in town have a minimum amount that all diners need to spend per person. The minimum is $85, but call ahead of time or view the restaurant’s website for more details.

2. Twilight Tour at Rienzi

Are you an artsy person who would love to spend the night hearing “great love stories?” Rienzi is offering a special night that includes:

  • Wine
  • Art galleries
  • Stories of love

The event is $35, and guests will also be able to enjoy romantic sounds from Ars Lyrica Houston. A fun night for the sophisticated couple, the Twilight Tour also includes stories of the greatest couples in history and mythology.

Twilight Tour is only two hours long, from 6pm to 8pm, so you can add it into an otherwise busy agenda for Valentine’s Day.

Book your tickets in advance to make sure that you can go on the tour.

3. Couples Massage

Houston’s massage parlors are overflowing with reservations for the big day. Lay down, relax with your partner and get the kinks worked out of your body side-by-side. A couple’s massage is a fun time for couples and offers a great bonding moment.

A few of the best places in Houston to get a massage are:

  • Urban Kneads
  • Massage Heights
  • Bergamos

Bergamos is a day spa and is listed as the largest day spa in Houston. This is a true treat for couples and offers everything from fitness centers, a café and wine bar, and massages. If you want to spoil yourselves on Valentine’s Day, plan a day at Bergamos – you won’t regret it.

4. Mystery Café

The Mystery Café requires reservations, so you’ll want to call ahead of time. On Valentine’s Day, you’ll be treated to Killer Karaoke. Dinner is served as well as drinks, but you’ll be able to take in a show at the same time.

The audience (you) will be able to participate in the satirical murder mystery.

Mystery Café is a fun night out and provides a little more entertainment than the restaurants that we first mentioned. Actors are all interactive, and you’ll spend the entire night trying to crack the mystery.

Expect a lot of laughs and a good crowd. If you have been to the café before, refrain from going again if it’s the same show – don’t ruin it for anyone.

The food is good, the actors are engaging and it’s a dinner experience that you and your date will never forget.

The biggest risk during Valentine’s Day is people texting and driving. There has been an uptick of accidents on Valentine’s Day relating to texting and driving. One teen was texting, and drove into a bus and died. Alcohol use led one husband to run over his wife – by accident – and she died from her injuries. It takes just a few seconds to veer out of your lane and hit another vehicle.

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