4 Things to Do Before Your Next Road Trip

I love taking a roadtrip: it’s a great way to explore your own country while having the complete freedom to choose where you go and where you stop along the way. With other means of transport such flying and trains, you’re at the mercy of premade schedules, however on a roadtrip you can decide every last detail, including when you leave and how many stops you take along the way. It’s also a much easier way to travel especially with young children as you can fit many of their comforts in the boot of your car. I try to take a few roadtrips each year, but every time before I set off I like to perform some basic checks on my car to ensure I’ll arrive safely. Here are 4 things you should check before every road trip #CarSafetyChecklist:

1. Tyres
As the part of your car that is in contact with the ground, it’s one of the areas of your car that will suffer the most wear and tear. As such, it’s very improtant to regularly check on your car tyres including their tread and the air pressure. Depending on your tyre’s age and wear, you may need to consider buying new tyres beore your next trip.

2. Servicing of Your Car
When was the last time your car was serviced? As a general rule, your car should be serviced at least every six months in order to run as smoothly as possible. If I’m planning a long road trip and I know my car is coming up due for a service, I tend to like to take it in a little bit early to ensure it handles the long distances well. Kwik Fit offer car services at affordable prices if you’re coming up due for a service.

3. Make Sure You Have a First Aid Box
I think first air is really important and you never know what’s going to happen when you’re a hundred miles from home. Having a small first aid box either stored in the glovebox of your car or the boot, is an excellent way to give you extra peace of mind. Make sure that your first aid box also contains basic medical supplies such as bandages, but also importantly things to deal with common inconvinences when driving such as headaches.

4. Check All Seatbelts
We never want to think of something going wrong when we’re on a roadtrip, but the reality is that seatbelts have shown time and time again to save lives. Check your seatbelts before heading off on a roadtrip, ideally with a few days notice so if there’s something wrong, it can be fixed. Check all the seatbelts, especially those you may not use that often in the back. A defective seatbelt could be extremely dangerous, so a 5 minute check is an easy way you could potentially save someone’s life!

Use these tips to keep your car safe and in optimum condition for your next road trip adventure.

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