5 of the Best Things to See in Italy

Thinking of visiting Italy? We are here to help you plan your itinerary. Keep on reading and we will provide you with ideas on some of the best things that can be done during your trip, providing you with the assurance of having a memorable visit.

The Colosseum

This stone amphitheatre is one of the most distinct architectural landmarks of Italy and also one of its most popular attractions. It is made from concrete and sand. It has gained a reputation as being the largest amphitheatre that has ever been constructed. Its purpose was to hold gladiatorial competitions and public events and it can seat up to 80,000 people.


Leaning Tower of Pisa

Your visit to Italy will never be complete without seeing this interesting attraction. With a height of 60 metres, it was initially designed to have a vertical structure, but during the construction, it unintentionally took a slanted shape. It is part of a cathedral complex and it is its bell tower. It is composed of 27 columns and at has eight stories. Its construction commenced in 1173 and took more than two centuries because of several disruptions.

Amalfi Coast

If you love sun, sea and sand, this is where you should stay during your holiday in Italy. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is one of the most idyllic beaches that you will ever see. The coastal mountain and Mediterranean landscape will surely excite every visitor. Almost everywhere you look, it is picture-perfect. More than the landscape, it is also known for its exceptional cuisine. Your stomach will surely thank you for visiting Amalfi Coast. From high-end restaurants to casual eateries, there are endless options for dining out. From sunrise to sunset, day until night, there are many things to do and enjoy.


St. Peter’s Basilica

If you are a Catholic and if you are interested in exploring religion, this is another attraction that is sure to complete your Italian escape. This is one of the grandest religious places in the world, attracting millions of people annually. From the monumental facade to the ceiling, the interiors to the exteriors, it is reflective of the love for art of the Italians. You can expect long queues and make sure you wear clothes that are appropriate for a church, or you will be refused entry.


The capital of Tuscany is a city where art and architecture serves as the foundation of its rich history and culture. From left to right, you will see grandiose architectures that are reflective of the craftsmanship of the locals. Some of the sights that should not be missed include Florence Cathedral, Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria, and Galleria dell’Accademia. From museums to churches, piazzas to shops, you will be able to enjoy different architectural wonders. Of course, the food and wine will make sure that your holiday will be memorable.

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