5 Incredible Honeymoon Destinations

If you’re in the stages of planning your honeymoon – congratulations! A honeymoon is a special time when a newly married couple can relax after all the planning and chaos of a wedding. It’s a time to reconnect, spend some quality time together and bond with your life partner. If you’re planning where to go for your honeymoon, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed: there are so many great places around the world, it can be hard figuring out where to start. I’ve made this list of 5 incredible honeymoon destinations to get you motivated. My criteria were that each place have some incredible natural beauty, locations where you can relax and enjoy this time as newly weds, and some fun activities to ensure that it is an exciting honeymoon. Here are my top 5 honeymoon destinations around the world:

1. The Maldives
This collection of islands is the perfect location for a honeymoon because there’s year-round warm weather, sand so white it doesn’t even look real and the ocean is this incredible turquoise colour you have to see for yourself. If you want a relaxing, romantic honeymoon, I’m not sure there’s a better place in the world than the Maldives. Here you’ll find some of the world’s best snorkelling and diving, which is such a fun activity to do together. The Maldives is known as a great place to see manta rays swimming. There are incredible spas scattered around the islands, ensuring you wont run out of options for some pampering. If you’re in the planning stages, Neoscapes Maldives can help you find incredible accommodation to suit your budget, number of guests and expectations. This is the perfect option for the couple who wants to relax, unwind and be spoiled with a little luxury all while being right on the ocean. Just be warned: chances are you’re going to love the Maldives so much, you might not want to come back.

2. New Zealand
If you’re an adventure loving couple, then New Zealand might the perfect honeymoon destination. You can easily rent a car and explore both or one of the islands, ensuring that you get to see a lot of sights and attractions. Just be sure to remember that in New Zealand they drive on the left hand side, which can be quite a challenge for overseas drivers. Once you decide on New Zealand, you’ll have to decide exactly where you are going. Head to Milford Sounds to see some incredible fjords, so beautiful you’ll want to make sure your camera and phone are fully charged. If you like extreme sports, then there’s no better location than Queenstown where you can go white water rafting, bungee jumping, ziplining, luging, on a helicopter scenic tour or even better, sky diving. During the winter months, head to Coronet Peak or the Remarkables to get in some skiing. If you’re more of a beach lover, don’t worry, in New Zealand you’re never far from a beach. The Bay of islands has some incredible beaches as well as some favourites in Abel Tasman.
3. Jordan
This destination probably doesn’t feature on many honeymoon suggestions, but I think that it really should. There’s so much to do and see in Jordan, ensuring that you’ll never be bored and each day will be filled with adventure. Jordan is best known for Petra and it’s absolutely worth taking the time to visit – in my experience around two days is enough to explore these incredible ruins that showcase what an important player¬†this region was in the ancient times. But there’s so much more to Jordan than Petra. You can visit Wadi Rum and camp out overnight under the stars, disconnected from civilisation. If you feel like being pampered, head to the Dead Sea and stay at a wonderful resort, you’ll be able to apply mud and float in the ocean. Just be warned though, the water is seriously salty and extremely painful if you get it in your eyes. Head to Jericho to see some incredible, expansive ruins. Transport in Jordan can be a bit challenging, so much like New Zealand it is a wonderful place to rent a car and explore on your own time, ensuring that you have the freedom to go at your own pace and stop to take photos wherever you wish! The Jordan Pass makes it easy and affordable to visit Jordan – I suggest getting one before you arrive.

4. Vietnam
In this part of the world, I think that often Thailand steals all the attention, but Vietnam is an incredible destination with some striking natural attractions. In the North you have both Sapa and Ha Long Bay which each warrant a visit. Ha Long Bay is unlike anywhere else I’ve ever visited in the world – take a two night boat cruise around Ha Long Bay to really make the most of this wonderful UNESCO site. Here you’ll see giant limestone islands shooting out of the water, many of them topped with forests. Watching the sunset in Ha Long Bay is one of my most favorite memories, and it was awfully romantic! Sapa is a region of Vietnam that’s known for it’s rice paddy fields. It’s common to explore Sapa by going on a hike for a few days, to get deeper into the beautiful surroundings. One of my favourite towns in Vietnam is Hoi An, this beautiful colonial city reminds me more of somewhere in Europe. It’s so lovely to wander around, admiring all the beautiful buildings and indulging in the inexpensive but incredible food.


5. Guatemala
If you’re located in North America, Guatemala is a short flight away but a world of difference. You can visit Tikal which are Mayan ruins where you’ll be surrounded by a wide range of exotic animals while learning more about the history of this region. Semuc Champey is a beautiful set of cascading water pools, where you can swim. There’s also a look out point that offers an incredible view out over the area. If you fancy climbing some volcanoes, head to Antigua which is a lovely colonial city with cobblestones surrounded by three volcanoes. Antigua is the perfect base from which to climb Picaya which is a short hike that can be completed in a few hours, or Acatenango, which is an overnight hike. Guatemala is also home to one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Lake Atitlan. The combination of the lake surrounded by volcanos makes for extremely striking pictures. Take the lanchers to visit the surrounding towns to see more of how Guatemalans live.¬†Each town has it’s own distinct personality and way of life.

Planning a honeymoon can both exciting and overwhelming. After all, you’re going to want to choose a destination that allows you to relax, enjoy quality time together, while offering some fun things to do.

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