Considering A Cruise? Top Tips For First Time Cruisers

Traveling is great! It allows you to get outside your comfort zone and see some breathtaking sights you wouldn’t normally see. Standard travel has its merits, but a cruise can be even better. Cruising offers you the chance to take travel to new levels. It’s also a great chance to fit various dream destinations into one neat package. On a regular holiday, you pick a destination, book a hotel, and that’s it. With a cruise, your hotel is one that can take you to various locations. If you’ve never been on a cruise before, but are considering one, you’ve come to the right place.


It’s important, before anything, to bear in mind that cruises aren’t for everyone. It goes without saying that if you get seasick, you’ll want to give a cruise a miss. Cruising involves being on the sea for long stretches of time. You won’t enjoy your time away if you spend extended periods of time in your cabin feeling awful. It’s also worth mentioning that a cruise might not be best for the inverted travellers amongst you. Because of the nature of being onboard, you’re going to be getting up close and personal with other guests. If you like to keep to yourself on your holiday, you won’t enjoy a cruise. It’s also worth mentioning that you’ll get to see a lot of locations, but you’ll only get a set amount of time in each. If you want to get stuck into the culture of a place, a cruise isn’t the way to do it. Cruises run a tight ship, and if you’re not back onboard at allotted times you risk getting left behind. If these points put you off, you may want to look for a different holiday! If you’re still keen, continue to read this list of cruise considerations.



Different cruise ships offer different specialities. Some specialise in fantastic on board entertainment. Others focus on amazing dining experiences. Some have huge swimming pools and top deck sunbathing. Working out what you look for most in a holiday will help you find what you’re after. Take a look at the cruise ships available, and see what each one offers. If you don’t enjoy entertainment, you’ll hate being on a cruise with this speciality. Don’t pick any old cruise! Shop around for one that suits your needs.


Cruises offer various destinations, and it’s worth taking a look at these, too. You’ll be spending most of your time on board, but it won’t be any fun if you don’t enjoy the locations you visit. A lot of the charm of a cruise is the countries you’ll get to see! Imagine Cruising South Africa, or passing through some fantastic Caribbean destinations. The world is your oyster, and that’s never truer than when looking into a cruise. Most ships have an ultimate destination, which finishes off the tour. Make sure your ship is heading somewhere you’re sure to enjoy!



Look too at the length of cruise available. Some ships offer weekends away, while others stretch up to fourteen days! If this is your first time on a ship, it might be safest to opt for a shorter trip. A weekend cruise is an excellent way to test whether the cruising life is for you. Don’t jump straight in with a fourteen-night beast, only to decide on the second night that you’re not enjoying it. Once you’re on that ship, you’re trapped. It’s best to take your cruising journey slowly, and see how you get on!


Once you’ve decided on a cruise, make sure to take a look at the accommodation. Any reputable cruise company will offer pictures of the ship you’ll be booking into. Look at the cabins, first, as this is where you’ll be spending a lot of time. Are they big enough? Can you picture yourself being comfortable in them for the duration of your holiday? If that’s a yes, take a look at what the rest of the ship has to offer. Things worth considering are sun decks, catering halls and entertainment venues. Some ships include bowling alleys and cinemas if that’s what takes your fancy. Some even come with their own shopping centers included. This is your cruise, and you can pick as large or small a ship as you like. Remember that this isn’t just your mode of transport. Your cruise ship will form the most significant part of your holiday!

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