Considering Traveling this year? Here’s why you should take a Cruise

While there’s no doubt that traveling is an amazing experience, and allows us to grow, learn about the world, explore new cultures, soak up history and relax, when it’s actually time to plan the trip it can be an overwhelming experience, and travel itself can be stressful and exhausting.

If you’re like many people, you probably only get a few weeks of holidays each year. And these can quickly be eaten up by the kids sick days, appointments, Christmas, and birthdays. This is why so many people attempt to see and do everything they can when they finally go on a trip, and end up burnt out and wanting to be home after days of relentless sightseeing.

If you’re looking for a holiday that gives you the best of both worlds, and allows you to truly relax while also seeing plenty of new destinations, it’s time to book a cruise.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should go on a cruise this year:


Many people are surprised that cruising can work out much cheaper than going on holiday– especially if you’re traveling with the whole family. In fact, flights alone can be equivalent to the cost of a cruise.

Cruises are all-inclusive, which means that when you pay for your cruise fare, you’re also paying for your accommodation, food, entertainment, and transportation to each place. You can even include alcoholic drinks packages in your fare, book tours and activities for each destination, and pre-pay your gratuities so you won’t need to pay for anything once you’re onboard.


One of the best parts of cruising is the fact that you only need to unpack and pack once. While it’s awesome to go to multiple places on a trip, actually packing your things and checking in and out of hotels is tiring and eats up a lot of your time. When you cruise you board the ship, unpack your belongings, and you can immediately begin unwinding while you travel to your first destination.


When you cruise you have access to incredible destinations. Because these places are often hard to get to and would cost a lot to fly to, you’ll be able to enjoy countries you’ve always wanted to visit at a fraction of the price of flying and staying in a hotel,


While it’s great that cruising allows you to visit so many amazing places, you’ll still be spending a lot of time on the ship. So it’s a good thing that they’re like floating cities, and are often compared to all-inclusive resorts. You’ll never be bored on a cruise, with entertainment like bowling, movie theatres, bars, nightclubs, shopping, spas, gyms, and nightly entertainment including comedians, dancing and musicals.


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