Everything You Need to Start a Travel Blog

With female solo travel being more popular than ever, it’s time to set off and see the world. There is no excuse anymore – you don’t have to wait for your friends to finally have the time or the courage to set out and see the world. Instead, you can go on your own. There are so many places to go and see and so many new people to meet; there is an entire network of people who are just like you. Making friends will be easy and the experience will be one of a lifetime. To truly make the most of your times away, however, you should start your very own travel blog.

Travel blogs are a great way not only to sit and reflect, but to also keep your friends and family (and any fans you make along the way) in the loop. To get started, follow these easy steps:

1. Start a Website 

There are many website making companies out there that make it easy for you to start your own website in moments. These companies allow you to create a free website that has limited capabilities. These limited capabilities, however, are perfect for you to start off with. You can, of course, go further and purchase a theme that you love, customize it, and even subscribe so that you can get your own domain name. Once you have it all set up the way you like it, congratulations! You’ve completed the first step.

2. Create Social Media Accounts 

If you want to try to create a social following on your blog, a great next step is to set up associate social media accounts for it. The biggest social accounts (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) should all have the same branding. This means that your website and social accounts all have the same look and feel to them. You can link these accounts together, but remember to use each social medium uniquely. You don’t want to cross post!

3. Create Content 

When you’re travelling, creating content is the easiest thing in the world, and with how advanced phones have become, you don’t have to spend a small fortune on equipment. Take photos, videos, and audio clips of your travels. The more you document, the more you’ll be able to create a comprehensive blog that people will love to follow. If your phone does break, don’t worry. You can recover your photos with iPhone data recovery services.

4. Create a Story 

From a written journal to photos, to video, there is so much you can do to create a story of your travels that will become invaluable to you after your trip.

Everyone going on a large trip around the world should start their own travel blog, if only for themselves. Memories fade with time, but a comprehensive, lovingly put together travel journal will be there for you to revisit again and again. If you can build up a following, that’s even better!

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