Girl on the Go? Why You Need the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

A girl on the go doesn’t have time to worry about battery life, connection speeds, and durability. She just wants a phone that helps her live her busy lifestyle instead of a phone that hinders an active lifestyle. Fortunately, with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, you can go to brunch, hit the mall, take a hike, or travel around Europe without stressing out about your phone. You can drop it, get it wet, or go all day without access to a charger and still know your phone will be ready when you need it.

Overall Durability

When you’re always off to somewhere, it’s common to just throw your phone in your purse and go. That often means your phone ends up getting roughed up during your travels, dates, shopping, and other adventures. You no longer have to worry about accidentally dropping your phone, getting it wet, or having something else happening to it while it’s in your bag. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is made from military-grade material. The phone is shockproof and dust- and water-resistant, and it has a shatterproof screen.

If you’re an outdoorsy girl, this phone is definitely for you. Take the S8 Active hiking, camping, canoeing, or running without fear of ruining your phone. Usually, these activities can detrimental to the safety of your phone, but you can worry about your activities instead of stressing about keeping your phone safe. City girls can take advantage of all these features, too, since dropping your phone on the sidewalk used to have dire consequences.


Upgraded Features

The upgraded features on the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active also promotes an active lifestyle for its users. This phone has a long-lasting battery, a strengthened security system, and Bixby, an intelligent interface system that’s easy to use and intuitive. There’s nothing worse than being out and about and seeing that low battery signal. It’s also annoying to have to bring a portable battery and make sure that’s charged as well. The problem is solved since the Samsung S8’s battery will last longer than many other phones.

Your phone also works as your personal assistant. If you’re looking for restaurant recommendations, Bixby can find the perfect place for you, remind you to pay your bills, and ensure that you never forget another appointment. This personal assistant is easy to use and is voice-activated. It makes living life on the go a lot easier when you don’t have to stare down at your phone looking for directions or recommendations or trying to find other information.

Always Connected

With a reliable carrier like T-Mobile and the Galaxy S8 Active, you’ll always be connected at top speeds, which means you’ll never be sitting and waiting for something to load on your phone, and you won’t have to worry about dropped calls. You can also browse on your phone while you’re talking to your friends, whether you use data or Wi-Fi for your connection.

This phone is also equipped with Voice Over LTE. VoLTE enables its users to take advantage of features like Wi-Fi calling and advanced messaging, which enables you to send HD photos and videos through your phone. You won’t get a faster or better connection than you will by pairing this phone with the T-Mobile network, which is now the fastest network available, according to a new report by OpenSignal. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active phone keeps you connected whether you spend your days chatting or prefer to stay in touch through texts, pictures, and videos.

Share Your Adventures

A girl on the go needs to document her adventures. The camera on the Samsung Galaxy S8 will help you take the most Instagram-worthy photos to share with friends and family. Samsung’s camera is one of the best cameras available on any phone, and it’s even better on the S8 Active. The phone offers a 12MP F1.7 Dual Pixel rear camera and an 8MP F1.7 Smart Auto Focus front camera. This camera takes great photos even when the lighting is poor, whether you’re taking a traditional picture or a selfie. The editing feature will help to perfect every photo you take.

This phone was made for girls on the go. You won’t find a more reliable phone that can keep up with your pace.

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