Hen Weekend Ideas Every Girl Tribe Should Consider

Wedding planning is an overwhelming journey for every bride to be. There seems to be so many decisions that need to be made, and the cost can spiral out of control. However, planning the dream day can be a lot of fun. Especially when you get all your maids involved. One of the big decisions that should be made is the hen party. 1

Traditionally, this is left up to the bridesmaids to organise. Although more and more brides to be are getting involved in the organising process. This is a chance for all the ladies to get together before the wedding and have a fantastic celebration. An opportunity to leave the wedding planning stress behind for a little while and just enjoy the process. It’s the last chance to even have a few drinks before the wedding. But what should you do? Where should you go? If you are struggling to come up with any ideas for a hen party, then I have the ultimate list for you. Covering relaxation to a wild night on the town. I have you covered. I hope it inspires you to organise an unforgettable hen party.

Wine Tasting - Argentina

Sample some wine tasting

Who doesn’t love a glass of wine? Most women do. Which is why wine tasting could be the perfect choice to celebrate your hen party. It can be quite a relaxed affair. You learn about different wines. The process required to make it, and even a little knowledge of the grape and the area in which it is made. You could combine the wine tours with a weekend away. Making it extra special. Or just consider enjoying the wine tasting. There are plenty of options to choose. You could consider sticking with a vineyard that specialises in white or reds. Or even a mixture of the both. Or splash out and try some sparkling and champagne testing. I think wine tasting could be a relaxed hen party, offering something a little different for the bride and all involved.


Take in the the sights on a city break

A city break can be the ultimate choice for a hen party. More people are deciding to extend the celebration from just a night to the whole weekend. Which is why a city break could be the perfect escape. Consider a city that has a lot to do, or has many points of interest for the bride and her entourage. Perhaps the group loves nothing more than circulating the museums and taking in the culture and splendor on offer. Or maybe the girls love a more party atmosphere where there is a good scene of bars and restaurants to tantalise them. Many people stick to somewhere that is in the same country or is no more than a couple of hours on a plane. This enables you to make the most of the weekend you have to have some fun and explore the city.

Head to the beach to top up the tan

What bride doesn’t want a healthy glow on her big day? Which is why heading to the beach could be a fantastic choice for the hen party. Again so many brides are considering a weekend celebration rather than just a day or night. Which is why the options have been opened up to consider different things. A beach hen party again could be done by just jumping on a plane for a few hours. Taking you from drab to the sun in no time at all. A beach celebration could be the ultimate relaxation during the day. Sipping cocktails under a blue sky while checking out the sand and sea. Then the nighttime party can commence when you hit the resort town and enjoy the bars and atmosphere. When it comes to booking something for a weekend, make sure the hens have plenty of notice.

Paintballing could be fun for the more adventurous

Whatever the men can do the women can surely do better? Am I right? The thing is, there seems to have been a pattern developed. What men will do for their stag parties and what the women do on their hen. But the stars are aligning. More and more women are turning to the more manly experience to enjoy a day or night with their girls. Go-karting, beer crawls and paintballing being some of the most popular. So why not consider something like paintballing for the hen party? It’s a great way to have some fun while doing something totally different and outside of the norm. Of course, it can cause you a little pain and bruising. So make sure if paintballing or doing something like this you organise it way in advance to avoid any disasters on the wedding day.


A new trend is taking up a dance class

Many brides and her girls are trying different things for their hen party. One, in particular, is the choice of taking up a dance class before heading out on the town. The dance class tends to be something very different. Things like pole dancing and belly dancing tend to be most popular. They can be a lot of fun where you let your inhibitions go and have a great time laughing with your favourite people. It can be made even more picture perfect if you all decide to dress up. Things like tutu’s and funny wigs can set the tone for the class and have you all in fits of giggles before you have even begun. Do something different and think outside of the box.


A day at the spa to rejuvenate

Most brides will tell you that they will love nothing more than the chance to relax ahead of the big day. This is where a day at the spa could be the perfect choice for a hen party. Wrap yourself in soft towel robes and slip on those comfortable slippers. Sip champagne while sat on a warming sun lounger and just relax. Let all the worry and stress of wedding planning slowly drift away. Sound’s like heaven, doesn’t it? Many hotels offer packages. These tend to include a treatment of your choice, your lunch and full use of the spa facilities. A lot of bridal parties tend to extend their visit into the evening. Many also offer overnight stays that include an evening meal. The prices can vary so this would be something to give warning to, but could be the perfect way to have you sent off into married life. The relaxing way.


Enjoy an afternoon tea delight

Some brides don’t have much time before the wedding. With all the appointments, last minute dress fittings and trying to get everyone in the same room at the same time. It can prove impossible at times. This why some brides opt for a more low key hen party and an afternoon tea is the perfect way to do that. A more civilised hen celebration where you enjoy one another’s company. While enjoying some amazing cakes, a cup of tea and a cheeky glass of bubbles. You could dress up for the occasion and make it quite special by choosing a smart establishment. If you are short on time, this type of hen celebration will give you the best of both worlds. You will get to toast to the wedding, spend time with special people, while still getting all your planning done.

A good old-fashioned night in

Sometimes the last thing a bride will want to do on the lead up to the big day is going out. They can think of nothing worse. Which is why choosing a girls night in instead could be a perfect choice. Enjoying a few glasses of prosecco, lot’s of salty snacks and watching films like The Notebook. Sounds heavenly. Make it extra special and get some bride to be pyjamas and something similar for your girls. It could be a great way to relax and take the stress away from wedding planning for an evening. Also, with the night being more on the quiet side, it gives you all a chance to catch up properly.


A special meal out

Another thing you could consider is what the bride is into. If she is a bit of a foodie, then a special meal out could be the perfect hen celebration. You could pick her favourite restaurant. Maybe somewhere she has wanted to try out. Or even consider a taster menu at a michelin starred restaurant. Food is a great sociable way to celebrate. Many restaurants also offer private dining facilities. S you could decide to opt for that instead. Giving you the chance to decorate the room or speak to the restaurant to see if there is something special you could do. A great meal out could be fantastic on it’s own or combined with drinks somewhere else. It could even form part of a city break or beach trip. Doing research on websites like Tripadvisor could help determine the best restaurants to consider.

I hope this has inspired you to think of some different ideas for a hen party. Whether the bridesmaid is organising it, or the bride is doing it herself, each of these will be a send off to remember.


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